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eHandle SecuSignal® for windows

SecuSignal® – Just open and closed is a thing of the past

eHandle SecuSignal® for windows – More than opening and closing

An eHandle SecuSignal® for windows can be used as convenience components in a smart home system. As such, it transmits a wireless signal to a central control unit when they are turned. This can improve the process of automatically controlled heating, lighting, shading, etc.



The benefits at a glance

  • Battery-free communication thanks to EnOcean technology
  • Easy integration into smart home systems
  • Highly reliable transmission
  • Quick and easy retrofitting thanks to VarioFit® (spindle length 32-42 mm)
  • Basic protection against break-ins with integrated Secustik® technology
  • Also available with Secu100 + Secustik®



No battery required

It is important in a smart home system that all the sensors and controls can communicate with each other. The eHandle SecuSignal® for windows works with the EnOcean radio standard. Not only does this ensure smooth communication, it also has another advantage: the EnOcean radio technology works without the need for any batteries! So the chore of changing batteries is a thing of the past: the information is transmitted maintenance-free, reliably and with no electromagnetic pollution. It can be integrated into all smart home systems that are compatible with EnOcean.



How does SecuSignal® work?

Operating an eHandle SecuSignal® for windows is remarkably easy and takes just a few minutes: first the handle is set – this works differently for each system but it is described in great detail by the respective manufacturer. In principle, the eHandle SecuSignal® for windows is registered, detected, then integrated into the system as one of many other components.


If an eHandle SecuSignal® for windows is turned to the opening or tilted position, electrical energy is generated which is used to transmit a radio signal – to an EnOcean-compatible receiver that can process the information. A circuit board is integrated into the rosette of the handle to this end, along with a small antenna, which acts as a transmitter. If integrated into a smart home system, the signal can give information that may play a major role in improving automated processes, such as:


  • Should the light be switched on when windows are still open and mosquitoes are hovering outside?
  • Can automatic shading begin while windows are tilted?
  • Does it make sense to allow the air conditioning to start up while the windows are open?
  • Would it be better to turn the heating off while airing rooms in the morning?
  • Does the volume of consumer electronics need to be reduced while the windows are open?
  • Should the roller blinds be allowed to close automatically in summer while the French door is open and the residents are still in the garden, possibly resulting in them being locked out?

Smart-Home-System mit SecuSignal® von HOPPE


A smart home system can be controlled either from a central computer unit or with mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.  








EnOcean technology

EnOcean modules combine micro-energy converters with ultra-low power electronics and reliable wireless communications. Standardised sensor profiles allow devices from other manufacturers to communicate with each other and work together in one system. For more information, please visit





Notes on radio range planning

Radio signals, in connection with SecuSignal® technology, too, are electro-magnetic waves, whose signal can be diminished on the way from the transmitter to the receiver, i.e. both, the electric field strength and the magnetic field strength are reduced. In addition to these "natural" range restrictions, other interference factors, such as the metal parts in armouring in walls, the metal foils as used in heat insulation or heat-absorbing glass tempered with metal, reflect electromagnetic waves. While radio waves can penetrate walls, reduction in signal is greater than in the open air.

The angle at which the signal hits the wall is also a factor which can reduce the signal and hence its strength.



Usual HOPPE quality

An eHandle SecuSignal® for windows is very easy to install. Thanks to VarioFit® – a patented solution to bridge different installation depths in the window profile – replacing a window handle without wireless communication with an eHandle SecuSignal® for windows is no problem. Its Secustik® technology provides integrated basic security against break-ins. Like all HOPPE brand hardware, eHandle SecuSignal® for windows is a high-quality product manufactured in Europe.



European patent EP 1 838 941