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Now used particularly often: handles for patio and French doors

If you live in an apartment with a balcony or a house with a garden, the possibility of adding another area to your living space in summer is particularly appealing. The balcony or patio door is therefore in use often at the start of the “outdoor season” – and the corresponding handle is also used frequently during this time. If you feel that the handle isn’t quite as you’d like it, you’ll find some inspiration here!

They can have very different technologies: The simplest version works just like a floor-to-ceiling window: it can be opened or tilted. The handle is not different from a standard window handle. However, if you want to operate the door more comfortly, you can install a slightly longer PSK handle (for a parallel slide-tilt door; see below). An additional pad on the outside makes it easy to pull it closed. If they are accessible from the outside, burglary protection must also be taken into account and we recommend you opt for a handle with burglary protection technology such as Secu100® + Secustik®, Secu100® or Secu200®.

HOPPE window handle, Luxembourg series, silver effect (F1)

Another variant is French doors with a cylinder lock underneath the handles. If you have such a door, HOPPE can provide you with so-called French door sets: these have a handle on both sides, where one lies flatter against the window profile thanks to a shorter handle neck, so that roller shutters on the outside, for example, can easily pass the handle. An escutcheon for the cylinder lock is also included in the French door set.

Eine andere Variante sind Balkontüren mit einem Zylinderschloss unterhalb der Griffe.

Such doors are also available as parallel slide/tilt doors which require a corresponding handle for parallel-slide-tilt doors (the so-called PSK handle). To open a parallel-slide-tilt door, it is pushed open parallel to the fixed element – the lever must therefore move a relatively large weight and is much longer and more solid than a window handle.

A HOPPE PSK handle can easily move window sashes weighing up to 150 kg. Our PSK handles are also available with Secu100® + Secustik®, Secu100® or Secu200® burglary protection technologies.

Fensterflügel mit einem Gewicht bis zu 150 kg kann ein HOPPE-PSK-Griff spielend bewegen.

Very large elements or entire glazed fronts are usually designed as lift-slide doors, i.e. when the lever is operated, the movable part of the glazing is lifted out of a profile in the ground and pushed to the side. As such large elements are becoming increasingly popular, our lift/slide levers are designed to easily move Patio doors weighing up to 400 kg. Lift/slide handles from HOPPE are considerably longer than PSK handles to provide enough leverage to lift heavy French doors. On the outside, they are equipped with a recessed pulll or a second handle. Tip: If your lift-slide doors are equipped with a keyed cylinder to protect against break-ins, make sure from the outset that you order a lift/slide handle with a profile cylinder hole in the rosette; it is usually practically impossible to retrofit a version eith cylinder hole (or very expensive!).

Sehr große Fenster-Elemente oder ganze Fenster-Fronten werden meist als Hebe-Schiebe-Tür konstruiert

Handles mounted on French or patio doors must withstand a lot and work reliably for years. Of course, if they are from HOPPE, this is no problem at all – after all, all our products are extensively tested both in our test laboratory and at external certification bodies and put through their paces to ensure that they function flawlessly for the long term. Anyone who buys a HOPPE handle is automatically granted a 10-year guarantee on the mechanical function – even for patio and French door handles.

And because our French and patio door handles are available in a wide variety of shapes, colours and finishes, you’re sure to find the perfect handle to make opening your French or patio door fun!

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