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eHandle ConnectSense for windows – Keeping an eye on the window

A window handle that recognises a forced entry attempt? HOPPE’s eHandle ConnectSense for windows immediately notifies you if anyone tries to tamper with the window.

eHandle ConnectSense for windows HOPPE, Amsterdam series, satin stainless steel (F69)

Three sensors in a single handle

The new eHandle ConnectSense for windows with integrated sensors is the ideal solution for monitoring handle and window states in a building. It combines three sensors in a single handle: a vibration sensor, a window sensor and a handle sensor.

eHandle ConnectSense for windows HOPPE – Three sensors in a single handle

The vibration sensor detects a forced entry attempt and reports it to the smart home control centre without delay. If the control centre is programmed accordingly, it can send a message to a smartphone or other devices integrated into the system, for example, an alarm siren can be triggered or the light can be switched on, or roller shutters lowered.

The handle identifies different forced entry techniques such as piercing glass or prying open windows and distinguishes them from accidentally triggered vibrations. No signal is sent to the control centre following impact by a ball or a window slamming shut due to a draught.

But the handle can do even more: in addition to displaying the handle position, it also monitors the position of the window itself. This makes it possible to see whether a window is actually closed, even if it appears to be firmly in contact with the frame. This can also be queried from smartphone app of the control centre – so you can check that everything is in order even when out and about.

Energy-saving and convenient

Using the connection to the smart home control centre, handle position detection offers even more functions that can make a home more energy-efficient and comfortable. Numerous scenarios can be defined: for example, the heating or air conditioning system can be set so that it automatically shuts down when users are airing rooms. Or the roller shutters may only close automatically once the patio door is closed. The possibilities are practically endless, depending on the smart home system of course.

eHandle ConnectSense for windows HOPPE – Energy-saving and convenient

Secure and compatible

The standard Z-Wave Plus communications protocol is used for wireless transmission. The eHandle ConnectSense for windows is equipped with the current “S2” security standard and establishes encrypted communication in combination with a Z-Wave Plus smart home control centre. The system is backwards compatible and can therefore also be integrated into existing Z-Wave networks and all common smart home systems. And if the distance between the window and the control centre is too great for the signal, other Z-Wave devices integrated in the network can take on the function of a repeater to extend the network range.

The entire technology is integrated discreetly into the stainless steel window handle. The wireless unit and battery are located inside the handle and are easily accessible. The wireless signal is transmitted unhindered by the plastic end cap. A light-emitting diode signals wireless transmission during movement and provides support during setup. As the eHandle ConnectSense for windows only consumes a small amount of power, the battery has a service life of around two years.

Easy installation and setup

Replacing a standard handle with the new eHandle ConnectSense for windows is easy and takes just a few minutes, even if you’re not a specialist. As the drill holes for standard window handles are standardised, the drill holes for the existing handle can be used for the eHandle ConnectSense for windows. The installation and operating instructions have a clear structure and guide you step by step through the setup process. The necessary accessories and battery are included in the scope of delivery.

eHandle ConnectSense for windows HOPPE, Amsterdam series, matt black (F9714M)

The eHandle ConnectSense for windows is available in the popular mitred shape of the Amsterdam series. Trending matt black is also available for selection in addition to the classic matt stainless steel and traffic white. And as a mechanical security device is the basis for ideal protection against forced entry, the handle can also be selected with a lockable rose.

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