HOPPE window handles with VarioFit® fit window profiles of different depths – removing the need to measure the required spindle length for most conventional windows. The VarioFit® square spindle, which is equipped with a pressure spring, bridges steplessly up to 10 mm – meaning that fewer window handle variants need to be stocked by the distributor.
HOPPE – Handle of excellence.
VarioFit® – Adjustable spindle; bridges different profile thicknesses up to 10 mm
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The perfect fit! The window handle with VarioFit®

There are many different profile systems available for aluminium, wood and PVC windows, and this stems in no small part from energy saving requirements and safety concerns, as well as design considerations. What is more, these systems also require compatible spindle lengths.

It follows that a range of window handles with different spindle lengths must be held in stock. This is inconvenient and leads to considerable additional logistical and administrative costs.

The advantages

Award Certificate
  • Flexible use on windows with various profile cross sections thanks to pressure spring integrated into the handle neck
  • Patented smooth adjustment to the depth of the individual window profile
  • Length adjustable up to 10 mm
  • Also available with lockable window handles
  • Great potential for savings on storage and logistical costs
  • 10-year operational guarantee on mechanical function
  • Brand quality, tested to RAL

The product solution from HOPPE

Instead of many variants with different spindle lengths: With VarioFit®, the solid spindle of the window handle flexibly adapts to the depth of the window profile and thus the position of the gear.

This is achieved by means of a pressure spring fixed to the spindle inside the window handle. The spring mechanism smoothly presses the spindle into the square aperture of the gear follower ensuring a perfect fit.

VarioFit® can be used with an installation depth range of up to 10 mm. It can be installed with ease and flexibility on window profiles of various depths.

Compared to the current window handles with fixed spindle lengths, the window handle with VarioFit® reduces the number of variants considerably. The associated cost saving potential from the reduction in complexity is clear to see.

Naturally, the window handle with VarioFit® has been tested to RAL.

Window handle with VarioFit®. Projecting spindle length 32 mm.
Window handle with VarioFit®. Projecting spindle length 32 mm.
Window handle with VarioFit®. Projecting spindle length 42 mm.
Window handle with VarioFit®. Projecting spindle length 42 mm.

VarioFit® is supplied as a standard in the 32–42 mm version (projecting spindle length), complete with 2 pairs of screws. Additional spindle length ranges are available upon request.


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European Patent EP 2 107 187
VarioFit® for Secustik® window handles

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