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HOPPE Kompakt window handle – Reduced design without rosette

  • New Kompakt window handle from HOPPE offers an attractive, reduced design for modern interior design concepts
  • The sturdy structure with concealed base ensures a secure fit and easy installation on window profiles made of aluminium, wood and PVC
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Modern interior design styles often focuses on clear-cut design and simple elegance. To match this style, HOPPE’s new Kompakt window handle offers a subtle design that does not require a rosette – the handle is attached to a base, completely conceals it and therefore sits directly on the window profile. The four-point screw connection of the base ensures a stable fit on window profiles of all materials, including aluminium, wood and PVC.

Secure mounting on all window profiles
The window profile is specially prepared for the installation of HOPPE Kompakt window handles. Two face holes accommodate the lugs of the base and prevent unintentional rotation during actuation. Four additional screws fix the base in place and ensure that it sits stably on aluminium, wood and PVC window profiles.
The Kompakt window handle is patent* pending. Handle and base offer the usual high-quality workmanship and are based on the DIN EN 13126-3 standard. The specially developed detent enables precise actuation.

*Patent number EP4030021A1

Illustration 2: 0700RL-F9714M-Motiv3.jpg

Simple handle mounting
A quick-fastening element integrated in the base ensures easy mounting of the handle. When assembled, the element securely holds the square spindle in the profile; the handle can be removed quickly and easily again with a small tool wrench.

Attractive series and finishes
The HOPPE Kompakt window handle is available for the angular Austin and Toulon series, as well as the slightly rounded Hamburg series. The three aluminium series emphasise the reduced design with their timeless and understated shapes.
The choices currently include silver effect (F1), bronze effect (F4), steel effect (F9) as well as the contemporary colours black matt (F9714M) and traffic white (F9016).
A keyed locking variant is also available for increased burglary protection.

HOPPE Group is the European market leader in the development, manufacturing, and sales as well as marketing of architectural hardware systems for doors and windows. Founded in 1952, the company run by the owning family and based in Switzerland has around 2,300 employees worldwide. It is led by Wolf Hoppe and Christoph Hoppe in the second generation. Christian Hoppe, the first representative of the third generation, is now active in the company leadership.

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