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Highly fashionable – Handles of rectangular shape

  • Clear lines and angular shapes: such handles are on trend and ideal for contemporary interiors.
  • Austin series available with SecuForte®, Secustik® and Secu100® technologies, Toulon series also suitable for commercial and public buildings
  • The Miami door handle is designed for floor-to-ceiling doors and accommodates the changed dimensions between door and room

Handles of angular shape – Austin, Toulon and Miami
Clean lines, elegant design, and angular shapes: such handles are on trend. With Austin, Toulon and Miami, HOPPE is offering handle series that go well with modern rooms and clear designs thanks to their angular design.
Various technologies are available for the Austin and Toulon series for increased burglary protection: in addition to Secustik® and Secu100®, the unique SecuForte® technology ensures that the window handle is automatically locked in closed and tilted position.
Equipped with SecuTBT® technology – which can only be unlocked by turning the key and the handle at the same time – the Toulon series is also suitable for commercial and public buildings.

Austin series – consistently linear
Thanks to its linear design, the Austin series blends particularly well into modern interior designs. The series is available as a complete product family for doors and windows, which means the entire house can be fitted with the same handle design.
Window handles from this series are available in different combinations with SecuForte®, Secustik® and Secu100® technologies, as well as in a lockable version. A standard version with flat rosette is also available. The patented VarioFit® technology ensures that the spindle of window handles can be continuously adjusted to the depth of the window profile. This allows to bridge installation depths of up to 10 mm.
For lift-slide doors, a classic lift-slide handle set and a flat handle set with a near-flush design are available. The series also offers different versions for interior doors: mini roses that highlight the angular handle shape particularly well and also standard roses. Models for profile doors round off the product range and complete the Austin product family. Bright handles can be used to set effective highlights in contemporary interiors – a range of finishes such as silver effect (F1) or matt stainless steel effect (F31-1) are available.

Serie Austin – konsequent linear
Illustration 1: 1769-843K+KV-843KS+KVS-OB-F9714M-Motiv1-nW.jpg

Toulon series – striking shape
The Toulon series includes handles for windows, profile doors and interior doors in a striking angular shape. The angular and straight shape of the top contrasts with the finger grips on the back of the handle, which contribute to a pleasant feel. With HOPPE Secustik® and VarioFit® technologies integrated as standard, the Toulon series also meets the requirements for increased protection. The tried-and-tested Quick-Fit technology also means fast and precise assembly.
Since the interior door handle sets meet the requirements of category of use – grade 3, they are also perfectly suited for use in commercial and public buildings. Window handles with the SecuTBT® function are also available for commercial and public buildings. They have a major security advantage over conventional TBT handles: unlocking is only possible when the key and the handle are turned at the same time.
A range of attractive finishes such as silver effect (F1), steel effect (F9) or traffic white (F9016) are available.

Serie Toulon – markante Form
Illustration 2: 0737-US947-F9714M-Motiv1.jpg

Miami series – for floor-to-ceiling doors
The large Miami handle is designed for floor-to-ceiling doors and accommodates the changed dimensions between door and room. With a D-shaped cross-section, the basic shape adapts well to the hand operating it. The Miami handle is available in two versions: with barely visible rose or with a flat, horizontally mounted backplate.
Three contemporary finishes – satin stainless steel (F69), matt black (F9714M) and matt traffic white (F9016M) – suit the latest interior trends and make the Miami interior door handle set a harmonious addition to floor-to-ceiling doors, which are often installed in loft apartments or offices.

Serie Miami – für raumhohe Türen
Illustration 3: E1195Z-768-F9714M-Motiv3-nW.jpg

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