DIN EN 1125 for Panic Devices

European standard EN 1125 for panic devices has been in force since June 2002 and was revised in 2008. It defines the requirements and testing procedures, and provides firm recommendations for their application.
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Area of application

For doors in escape routes where panic situations might arise. The exits and their hardware are not familiar to everyone (e.g. exit doors on public buildings).

DIN EN 1125 – For doors in escape routes where panic situations might arise.
Set for emergency exits to DIN EN 179

Panic situation

A panic situation can arise when many people have to evacuate a building in a life-threatening situation. Thick smoke, darkness and the presence of people not familiar with the surroundings are important factors. A typical example is a fire in a cinema.

Permitted hardware

Horizontal push or touch bars, which cover the width of the door.

Important information

The push or touch bar and the lock must always be tested and certified together. It is absolutely essential to adhere to national regulations.

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