Working at HOPPE

Those who work at HOPPE experience quality of life in the workplace. This means participating in an appreciative environment within clear guidelines with all their knowledge, will and skills – and achieving successes that are satisfying. Value-based and purpose-orientated corporate management is the main basis for this.
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Your future at HOPPE?

HOPPE products can be found in almost all buildings. Ready to open doors and windows everywhere.

And it could open the door to a successful future for you as well as an employee at HOPPE, the European market leader in the development, manufacture and marketing of door and window hardware.

Our products may seem simple, but from the initial idea to marketing, they involve many development and work steps. For these steps, we need and want people who know, learn and think along with us. You have the opportunity to play an active role and earn a living.

If values are just as important to you as they are to us, this can be the basis for a better quality of life in the workplace.

Quality of life in the workplace.

  • Product Designer, Laas site
    Product Designer, Laas site
  • Tool Mechanic, Crottendorf site
    Tool Mechanic, Crottendorf site
  • Galvaniser, Schluderns site
    Galvaniser, Schluderns site
  • Powder Coater, Laas site
    Powder Coater, Laas site
  • Retail Sales Employee, Stadtallendorf site
    Retail Sales Employee, Stadtallendorf site

What does this mean for you?

Improved quality of life in the workplace obviously includes more than this – we refer to the overall total beneficial advantage for employees, in short TBA.

  • Company Beliefs/Aims

    While the Company Beliefs and Aims are the guidelines of your activity, you are given the freedom and duty to perform responsibly within this wide-ranging framework.

  • Personnel Policy

    The Personnel Policy forms the basis for our everyday dealings with each other. In working at HOPPE you can and should be able to develop in a positive way as a complete human being.

  • Direct Contact with Staff

    Direct leadership, short communication paths and open doors play key roles.

  • Information

    Information is the raw material for your decision-making. Transparency, and the ensuing security, as far as possible, are thereby assured.

  • Apprenticeship Training

    Apprentices are the specialists of tomorrow. We ensure they are thoroughly trained.

  • Advancement through Challenge

    You can expect to progress both professionally and personally in your daily tasks as well as through our in-house training and external courses. Through your performance, you will have the opportunity for promotion within the company.

  • High job security

    With the international structure of the HOPPE Group, its market-leader status in Europe and the market potential, your job has increased security.

    Through your knowledge, willing approach and ability, you will contribute to the increased survivability of the company and thereby the security of your own job.

  • Conditions of Work

    You will work in a safe and ergonomically-designed environment with state-of-the-art equipment. Flexible working hours give you the opportunity to organise your professional and free time, for example by enabling you to balance your family and job commitments more easily.

  • Social Matters

    You will benefit from our social provisions. The company will help you, promptly and without fuss, in cases of need as well as in less urgent matters.

  • Income

    In addition to your basic pay, your income at HOPPE includes special payments and performance benefits.

What else do we offer?

Company pension scheme/disability insurance
Company pension scheme/disability insurance
Anniversary benefits
Anniversary benefits
HOPPE bicycle (job bike scheme) at three sites
HOPPE bicycle (job bike scheme)
at three sites
Company restaurants at four sites/meal allowance
Company restaurants
at four sites/meal allowance
Working from home
Working from home
Employee magazine
Employee magazine
Employee offers (corporate benefits)
Employee offers
(corporate benefits)
Excellent family-friendly approach (“family and work audit” South Tyrol)
Excellent family-friendly approach (“family and work audit” South Tyrol)
Social activities/donations
Social activities/donations
Free parking spaces
Free parking spaces

* The offers vary depending on the site.

Interested in working on HOPPE? Look into our vacancies in Germany, Switzerland and South Tyrol. As we are a German speaking company these are listed in German. Speaking and understanding German is not always mandatory but an advantage in most of our jobs.

To our vacancies
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