Door Controls

ARRONE door controls are built to last and engineered to perform. Manufactured to conform with relevant quality and performance standards. There is an ARRONE door control to suit a wide variety of door types. As well as traditional overhead closers, the ARRONE range also features concealed overhead closers, and floor springs.
ARRONE – The complete range.
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Door controls

Door control devices are used to help to ensure that the safety, fire and accessibility requirements are met throughout the building. 

The ARRONE range caters for a range of power sizes, helping specifiers to meet requirements for public and commercial buildings, as well as higher risk buildings.

Designed and manufactured to provide quality products for both new build and refurbishment projects, the ARRONE door controls include:

Selected closers come with a choice of box or slimline cover options in silver or satin stainless steel (SSS) and other finishes to complement the ARRONE hardware on doorsets.

Overhead surface mounted door closers

ARRONE Overhead Door Closing Device: AR1500
ARRONE Overhead Door Closing Device: AR1500

An overhead door closer is a surface mounted door closer, fitted at the head of a door and is available in either a slide arm or scissor arm configuration. It can either be known as a Rack and Pinion closer or cam mechanism.

This rack and pinion closer is one of the most cost-effective and widely used on the market.

Power adjustment can made by fitting position or adjusting the spring with hydraulics to control the door closing speed. Depending on the closers category of use they can close a door from 105 degrees up to 180 degrees.

Door closers that offer an opening angle of 180 degrees are particularly suited to applications on doors where optimum clear opening widths are a key requirement such as hospital corridors.

Concealed overhead door closers

ARRONE Concealed Overhead Door Closing Device: AR7383
ARRONE Concealed Overhead Door Closing Device: AR7383

Concealed closers are hidden from view so are ideal for pairing with statement doors.

A more discreet option, these closers are more aesthetically pleasing than overhead closers as they are fitted within the door leaf or frame rather than surface mounted.

This type of closer also helps to reduce the risk of vandalism or accidental breakage, keeping the closer in working order.

Cam-action door closers

ARRONE Cam-Action Overhead Door Closing Device: AR6409
ARRONE Cam-Action Overhead Door Closing Device: AR6409

Cam-Action closers offer lower resistance making it easier for those less physically able to open the door while still maintaining the correct power to ensure the door closes correctly in the frame. This is critical in maintaining the doors integrity in the event of a fire.

Designed for use with a slide arm and channels, this option can be more aesthetically pleasing than the scissor arm options. Another benefit of this is that with less visible fixing on the closer mechanism or the slide channel, the closer may be less likely to be tampered with or vandalised.

It also has controlled closing, backcheck and latch action. This functionality makes it perfect for use in schools and residential care homes.

Electromagnetic closers

ARRONE Electromagnetic Overhead Door Closing Device: AR6409 EHO
ARRONE Electromagnetic Overhead Door Closing Device: AR6409 EHO

If a fire door needs to be held open, an electromagnetic door closing device should be used to hold open a fire rated door legally and safely in areas of high traffic. It automatically closes when a fire alarm is triggered to maintain fire safety and legal requirements.

Floor springs

ARRONE Floor Spring: AR700
ARRONE Floor Spring: AR700

Floor springs provide an almost invisible way to ensure doors return to being closed, keeping safety at the forefront without compromising aesthetics. They are particularly suited to larger full height doors.

Built into the floor or the door itself, floor springs are ideal when a minimal, simple design is required and in areas of high use. This type of closer is commonly used in shopping centres, office buildings, high end residential buildings and hotels.

Door closers for fire doors

Door closers play a key role in balancing fire safety and accessibility so it’s crucial that the right product is specified, properly installed and maintained.

In a fire, door closers are critical in helping to close and secure the door in its frame. To conform to BS EN 1154, the smallest door closer that can be used on a fire door is a size 3. The heavier the door, the more powerful the closer must be. The smallest size 3 is up to 60 kg and 950 mm wide and the largest size  6 up to 120 kg and 1,400 mm wide. All closers fitted to fire rated doors must be CE and or UKCA marked.

Benefits of ARRONE door controls

Application of ARRONE Door Controls
Application of ARRONE door controls

There are ARRONE closers available to be fit as a Standard Door Mount (Pull Side and Push Side) and Transom Mount (Pull Side and Push Side) and parallel arm (push side) depending on the project needs.

A Standard Door Mount is when the closer mechanism is mounted onto the door leaf and the closer arm or slide track is mounted onto the door frame. A Transom Mount is used when the closer mechanism cannot be mounted onto the door leaf. Instead it is mounted onto the door frame and the closer arm or slide track is mounted onto the door.

As well as being practical to install, the ARRONE range of door controls can offer features such as:


Backcheck offers resistance to opening between 70° and 90° when the door is opened with excessive force. This helps to prevent damage to the building and door frames, particularly where opening is restricted.

ARRONE door closer backcheck

Delayed action:

Delayed action slows down the closing speed of the door between approx. 90° and 65°. The amount of delay can be adjusted and de-activated altogether. It is ideal for applications, such as care homes and hospitals, where people need a greater length of time to exit doorways. Attention should be taken to the time of delay as fire rated doors need to close in a minimum of 25 seconds so the delay action cannot compromise this time.

ARRONE door closer delayed action

Controlled closing:

All ARRONE door closers have an adjustment valve which allows the closing speed to be controlled. This is effective throughout the whole closing cycle except where delayed action or latch action are activated.

ARRONE door closer controlled closing

Latch action:

Latch action provides for the adjustment of the last (approx.) 10° of the closing cycle. This allows the closer to be adjusted to overcome a latch, smoke or draft seals.

ARRONE door closer latch action

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