Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find an overview of frequently asked questions about our products. If your question is not answered here or you have further questions, you can contact us via the contact form.

General Information

A drilling template is included with all handle sets which require a hole on the door. If you need a new template, please use our contact form.

The mechanical operation of our products is covered by a 10 year guarantee as standard. If functional defects occur during this period, please contact the distributor you purchased the product from. If you wish to make a complaint about a product that an installer or fitter has installed, please contact them. Here you will find the declaration for the HOPPE operational guarantee and the Resista® surface guarantee.

We specify a price range for each product, as it is not possible for individuals to purchase directly from HOPPE. Please contact your distributor for the actual sales price. Business partners should contact their HOPPE contact person.

Our handles are made of aluminium, stainless steel, nylon or brass. The product catalogue shows the material each model is made of.

The window handles are compatible with the most common systems; a list of compatible smart home control centres can be found on the relevant product page under “Downloads”.

A security set is intended to protect a house or apartment entrance door against a mechanical attack. The security classes are divided into four categories: from mild (ES0/SK1) to very high burglary resistance (ES3/SK4). Here you can find out more about the security classes and about HOPPE security hardware and recommended uses.

We supply specialist distributors and the retail trade. It is not possible for individuals to buy directly from HOPPE. You can find a local specialist distributor via the distributor search function.

The eHandle ConnectSense for windows can be fitted on all current turn-and-tilt windows and can be retrofitted easily. This video shows you how to replace a window handle.

Dirt can be easily removed with a cloth and warm water. Surfaces with Resista® and the antimicrobial surface SecuSan® can also be cleaned with a cloth and water. Care instructions are available here.

The eHandle ConnectSense for windows sends its battery status regularly to the smart home control centre. This will give sufficient advance warning that the battery needs to be replaced.

Mounting instructions are enclosed with each product. Additional copies can be requested using our contact form. We provide mounting instructions and user manuals for smart home products for download on our website. The instructions also describe the disassembly procedure.

The door handle is equipped with a clamping mechanism. The mechanism can be released by turning it slightly using the Allen key provided or a small slotted screwdriver. A video is available here.

All the latest brochures and catalogues are available under Downloads.

Please contact the retailer you purchased the product from or use our contact form to submit your inquiry. We will be happy to help you find the right accessory.

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