HOPPE Express Fix

HOPPE offers considerable additional benefit with its Express Fix technology for interior handle sets in the duranorm® product line – both in terms of installation and standard equipment.
HOPPE – Handle of excellence.
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HOPPE Express Fix
New technology – more benefits

Series featuring the patented Express Fix technology offer an essential advantage: the two handle parts can be assembled by simply plugging them together during initial assembly without having to apply major force. They then meet the requirements of DIN EN 1906, Category of use grade 2.

Express fix

The advantages

  • Time-saving, easy initial fitting
  • Incorporated spring mechanism
  • Meets Category of use grade 2 of DIN EN 1906
  • Available in different shapes
HOPPE handle set with Express Fix, Dublin series, matt chrome effect (F94-1)
HOPPE handle set with Express Fix, Maribor series, silver effect (F1)

A further advantage is that the spring mechanism, which ensures the handle returns to the horizontal position after use, is supplied with the handle set as standard equipment.

Time-saving, easy initial fitting
Incorporated spring mechanism


Loosen the hex-socket grub screw and pull the handles apart as usual. For refitting, use the hex-socket grub screw to secure the handle parts. Express Fix (easy plug-in assembly) is possible during initial assembly only.

European Patent EP 3 363 969 B1
HOPPE Express Fix


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