HOPPE Mounting Module for Roses

With the new HOPPE half sets, you can create a unique design for the inside of entrance doors. Plus you can benefit from our innovative mounting module for roses.
HOPPE – Handle of excellence.
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Fewer parts – lower cost

With this module, fitting a half handle set on rose with escutcheon on the inside of entrance doors becomes considerably quicker and easier as it combines several components in a single compact unit. That means fewer component parts and thus fewer installation steps.

HOPPE half sets with mounting module for roses: fewer parts – lower cost

The advantages

Quick and easy fitting

  • Fewer component parts mean lower cost. Many of the previously required, quite complicated and above all time-consuming work steps are now a thing of the past.
  • The patented HOPPE Quick-Fit connection simplifies half set installation (and makes it easier to remove if necessary).


  • Thanks to the integrated spring cassette, the module can be used on the left and right and it assists the lock spring when the handle is being restored to the 90° position.
  • Steel supporting lugs prevent the rose base from twisting. This guarantees long-lasting high stability.

Can be used regardless of material

  • The module can be used on wood entrance doors as well as those made of aluminium or PVC. This is because you can either fix it with steel supporting lugs like before, or with the new additional 4-point fixing.


  • Whether you go for classic round or modern straight-line, there is an extensive range of HOPPE half sets with mounting module for roses available to you in aluminium, stainless steel and brass.


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