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A fire door will play a critical role in protecting a building and its occupants from fire. That’s why it’s important to choose the right hardware for your fire door.
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The hardware critical to a fire door’s performance

There are three pieces of hardware that are critical to a fire door’s performance: door closing devices, hinges, and locks.

All ARRONE hinges, door closers and locks are: 

  • Suitable for use on internal timber fire doors up to 120 mins when fitted with Intumescent protection where required
  • CE Marked and UKCA marked for use in the EU and UK
  • Tested to the recognised industry standards for their product types – BS EN 1935, BS EN 1154 and BS EN 12209
  • Third party Certifire approved

Please refer to the fire doors evidence to fully understand your fire door hardware requirements and intumescent protection. All fire doors should be fitted and inspected by a qualified fire door installer.


Hinges have a critical role in ensuring the integrity of a fire door. It is important that the right hinge type and amount are used to ensure the door meets fire safety regulations.

An average fire door weighs between 40 to 60 kg, The ARRONE Grade 13 Hinges can accommodate a door mass of up to 120 kg and are suitable for doors up to 2.1 m high.

Hinges suitable for fire doors

  • AR8180 Ball Bearing Hinge
    AR8180 Ball Bearing Hinge
  • AR8182 Ball Bearing Hinge
    AR8182 Ball Bearing Hinge
  • AR8582 Concealed Hinge
    AR8582 Concealed Hinge

Intumescent hinge pack

ARRONE Intumescent Hinge Pads are available for all ARRONE hinges. Intumescent Hinge Pads are positioned behind the hinge on the door and in the frame to provide protection in the event of a fire. Always use intumescent protection in line with the doors fire test evidence.

Door closers

Overhead door closers are the most common way to ensure a door remains closed in the event of a fire. A door comes to rest when the door closer pulls the door fully into the frame. In a fire a fully closed door will help to prevent a fire from spreading.

View our popular fire door closers below

  • AR1500 Door Closer and Matching Cover
    AR1500 Door Closer and Matching Cover
  • AR6409 Cam Action
    AR6409 Cam Action
  • AR450 Door Closer and Matching Arm
    AR450 Door Closer and Matching Arm


It is vital that a door remains fully closed in its frame, as this provides an effective barrier from a fully established fire. Locks and latches can play a significant part in ensuring a fire door stays closed, as well as the potential to provide security and prevent unauthorised persons and intruders from entering a building.

View our range of locks suitable for fire doors below

  • AR910 Mortice Sash Lock Case
    AR910 Mortice Sash Lock Case
  • AR912 Mortice Deadlock
    AR912 Mortice Deadlock
  • AR911 Mortice Latch
    AR911 Mortice Latch
  • AR913 Mortice Bathroom Sashlock
    AR913 Mortice Bathroom Sashlock

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