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eHandle HandsFree for doors – makes access more convenient

People who choose keyless access for their home usually want two things: convenience and safety. With the eHandle HandsFree for doors from HOPPE, you get both: a completely new type of convenient contactless unlocking of the motorised lock and secure technology.

eHandle HandsFree for doors – makes access more convenient

Contactless unlocking = convenient access

The eHandle HandsFree for doors makes it possible to unlock the front door without having to put anything down, simply by moving your foot through a light spot under the pull handle.

This means that bulky items, multiple items of luggage, carrier bags or even small children can be carried into the house without having to put them down at the front door and search for a key in the bag.

Here’s how it works:

  • Instead of a key, residents of the home carry a transponder with them.
  • The transponder transmits an AES-encrypted signal, which is automatically recognised by the control unit of the eHandle for doors.
  • As soon as the user approaches has approached within one meter of the front door from the outside, a light spot is generated under the pull handle on the outside of the door.
  • Now all the user has to do is move their foot – or even a walking aid – through the light spot and the motorised lock of the front door receives the signal to unlock.

Secure and reliable technology

The signals between the transponder and the control unit of the eHandle for doors are AES-encrypted according to the current state of the art. The wireless detection radius is limited to one metre – an additional communication protection.

eHandle HandsFree for doors – Secure and reliable technology

The transponder is automatically switched off after 30 seconds in rest position, which means that it stops sending signals and also stops using energy during this time.

The door cannot be opened unintentionally from the inside, e.g. if the transponder is placed in the house close to the front door. A special configuration ensures that the system can distinguish whether the transponder signal is transmitted in front of or behind the door – only when it comes from the outside does the light field appear, which enables the lock to be unlocked.

Various finishes

Entrance areas for front doors can be designed very differently. With the eHandle HandsFree for doors, different light colours can be set so that you can be sure that the light spot is always clearly visible, for example if a new floor mat is added.

eHandle HandsFree for doors – different light colours

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