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New finishes support current interior design trends

  • New textured finishes in sand brown, sand grey and sand black to match current trends
  • Matt finish in anthracite grey creates a sophisticated ambience
  • All finishes available for four HOPPE series, including the popular Hamburg series

Rich, dark tones and rusty colours dominate modern interior design styles – particularly popular in combination with textured surfaces that enhance a rustic and industrial feel.

New finishes for four popular HOPPE series
Handles from the Austin, Hamburg, Miami and Toulon series are now available in sand-brown (F8607STRUK), sand-grey (F7302STRUK) and sand-black (F9301STRUK) to match this trend. The special feature: The textured surface gives the handle an attractive look and an interesting feel.

With the sand-brown finish, HOPPE is expanding its range with a colour that is ideal for interiors with a lot of natural wood or earthy tones. Sand-brown handles also create a harmonious overall look in home interior designs with green or red elements.

The surfaces in sand-grey and sand-black are slightly more traditional, but no less interesting. The texture of the handles comes into its own in bright rooms with lots of light, for example.

With the new matt anthracite-grey (F7016M) finish, HOPPE offers a grey tone that either blends discreetly into dark colour concepts or creates contrasts in light living spaces, depending on the interior design.

Attractive shapes on doors and windows
The Austin and Toulon series are well suited to modern furnished spaces and clean designs thanks to their angular features.

The Hamburg series is characterised by the fine lines, where angular and round design elements work harmoniously together.

The large Miami stainless steel handle from the duravert® product line is designed for floor-to-ceiling doors and accommodates the changed dimensions between door and room. With its D-shaped cross section, does the handle give a pleasant fell in your hand.

Tried-and-tested HOPPE technologies
In addition to attractive looks, function is also important: The window handles in the Austin, Hamburg and Toulon series have various burglary-resistant features. Besides Secustik® and Secu100®, the unique SecuForte® technology ensures that the window handle is automatically blocked when the window is closed or tilted. Equipped with SecuTBT® technology – which enables unlocking only by turning the key and the handle at the same time – the Toulon series is also suitable for TBT windows in commercial buildings.

The handle sets in the Austin, Hamburg, Miami and Toulon series are of course equipped with the proven HOPPE Quick-Fit. Thanks to the unique clamping mechanism, the door handles can be permanently fixed in place with a single movement.

HOPPE Group is the European market leader in the development, manufacturing, and sales as well as marketing of architectural hardware systems for doors and windows. Founded in 1952, the company run by the owning family and based in Switzerland has around 2,300 employees worldwide. It is led by Wolf Hoppe and Christoph Hoppe in the second generation. Christian Hoppe, the first representative of the third generation, is now active in the company leadership.

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