BS EN 1154 – Door Closing Devices

European and British standardisation for the performance of controlled door closing devices
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BS EN 1154:1997 – The European standard for the performance of controlled door closing devices

Providing details on product types, classification by use, test cycles, door mass, corrosion resistance, as well as definitions, product performance requirements, test apparatus, test methods and marking of products. BS EN 1154:1997 classifies door closers by using a 6-digit coding system.

Digit 1 – Category of use

Two categories are defined:
Grade 3: for closing doors from at least 105˚ open
Grade 4: for closing doors from at least 180˚ open

Digit 2 – Number of test cycles

Two categories are defined:
Grade 8: 500,000 cycles

Digit 3 – Test door mass/size

Seven test door mass grades and related door closer power sizes are identified according to table 1 of this standard. Where a door closer provides a range of power sizes both the minimum and the maximum sizes shall be identified.

Door Closer Power SizeRecommended Door Leaf Width max. mm kgTest Door Mass (kg)

Digit 4 – Fire behaviour

Two categories are defined:
Grade 0: not suitable for use on fire/smoke door assemblies
Grade 1: suitable for use on fire/smoke door assemblies, subject to satisfactory testing and assessment

Digit 5 – Safety

All door closers are required to satisfy the essential requirements of safety in use. Therefore only grade 1 is identified.

Digit 6 – Corrosion resistance

Five categories are defined in accordance with BS EN 1670:2007:
Grade 0: no defined resistance
Grade 1: mild resistance
Grade 2: moderate resistance
Grade 3: high resistance
Grade 4: very high resistance

Source: Door and Hardware Federation (DHF) Best Practise Guide – Controlled Door Closing Devices to BS EN 1154

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