In window handles with SecuDuplex®, the keyed cylinder is also a push button and combines the advantages of both technologies.

The keyed cylinder locks the window handle as usual – if it is not locked, the push button function makes it difficult to move the architectural fitting from the outside. The handle can only be turned from the inside if the unlocked keyed cylinder is held down. This makes it more difficult to open the window unintentionally or without permission.
HOPPE – Handle of excellence.
SecuDuplex® – Lockable window handle with simultaneous push button function
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The window handle with innovative double function

The SecuDuplex® window handle connects the push-to-open technology with a locking cylinder. The two functions combined – that’s the innovative double function technology developed by HOPPE.

“Normal” lockable window handle:

With a normal lockable window handle, the handle can be moved when the locking cylinder is unlocked by the key. If the locking cylinder is pressed in the closed or 180° tilt position, the window handle remains locked.

SecuDuplex® window handle with innovative double function:

With the SecuDuplex® window handle and its double function, the handle can only be moved when the push button locking cylinder is unlocked and then pressed when turning. This means, once unlocked with the key, the handle can only be moved by pressing the push button locking cylinder, too. If the push button locking cylinder is not pressed, the handle remains locked in the 0° closed or 180° tilt position.

  • Moving the window hardware and turning the spindle from the outside is made more difficult by automatic locking (push-to-open technology) – even when the window is not locked.
  • Locking the window handle by key prevents the unwarranted moving of the handle from inside, and attempted break-in from outside is made considerably more difficult.
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European Patent EP 2 107 189

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