Locks and Latches

A door is only as secure as its ironmongery. The ARRONE ranges of locks and latches have been manufactured to offer attractive prices without compromising performance. With traditional mortice locks, latches and nightlatches through to the popular mechanical push button locks, the diverse range of locks and latches available from ARRONE means you can source reliable products for a wide range of building and applications.
ARRONE – The complete range.
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Locks and latches

Locks and latches are essential for keeping people safe and properties secure. Most doors within a building require a method of either locking or latching after every closing cycle.

ARRONE locks and latches offer tried-and-tested products that are suitable for a range of public, commercial and residential doors.

Specifiers have a broad range of sizes, materials and finishes to choose from, as well as fire-rated options if needed, making the range ideal for sourcing products for both new build and refurbishment projects.

The ARRONE range extends to wide portfolio of traditional and modern locks and latches:

Mortice sashlocks

ARRONE Sashlock: AR910R
ARRONE Sashlock: AR910R

Can be used with lever handles or knob furniture. It has two bolts; one which is the latchbolt and the other which is a deadbolt. A range euro profile cylinder or lever key options are also available.

Mortice deadlocks

ARRONE Deadlock: AR912R
ARRONE Deadlock: AR912R

Essentially for locking off doors for security. ARRONE offers euro profile cylinder options as well as lever key options.

Mortice bathroom locks

ARRONE Bathroom Lock: AR913R
ARRONE Bathroom Lock: AR913R

Specifically designed for bathroom doors these locks are simple to use for all ages. Paired with a lever handle, people can lock the door using a thumb turn.

Mortice bathroom sashlocks which can be used with lever handles or knob furniture, have both a latch to hold the door closed when shut and a deadbolt operated by the thumb turn to ensure privacy.

Mortice bathroom deadlocks, on the other hand have no latch and so depend on the deadbolt to hold the door closed when locked.

Mortice nightlatches

ARRONE Nightlatch Lock: AR914R
ARRONE Nightlatch Lock: AR914R

Both mortice and rim nightlatches have slam lock operation. This means it will automatically lock when it closes and requires a key to access from the outside.

This makes them ideal for external doors but can also be used to secure internal doors such as storage cupboards or restricted areas in public buildings, providing security and emergency egress in one lock.

Mortice escape locks

ARRONE Escape Lock: AR915R
ARRONE Escape Lock: AR915R

Escape locks are a form of sashlock. When the internal handle is operated, all bolts are withdrawn simultaneously to allow immediate escape without the need for a key.

We achieve this function in two ways – a split follower escape lock where a full set of levers is used with a dedicated split follower spindle. Escape from inside by single action of lever only that will withdraw the latch and deadbolt for exit. This type allows access from outside by cylinder/key to withdraw deadbolt and operation of the lever to gain entry.

The alternative is a standard follower lock with escape feature achieved by the use of a half set of levers only fitted to the internal side of the door. Again escape from inside by single action of lever only that will withdraw the latch and deadbolt for exit. Access from outside by cylinder and key that will withdraw deadbolt and latchbolt.

These locks are ideal for care homes and assisted living facilities where individuals require privacy and security, but a simple method of escape in an emergency.

Rim locks

Rim locks are one of the oldest types of locking devices.

Fitted to the surface of a door that opens inwards, they use a simple latch and a deadbolt which is operated with a key. The latch is operated by a door knob and the door can be locked and unlocked from both sides.

Mechanical push button locks

ARRONE Mechanical Push Button Lock: AR195
ARRONE Mechanical Push Button Lock: AR195

Push button locks provide keyless entry into restricted spaces. They are ideal for back of house spaces and low-traffic offices looking for the convenience of access control.

There are two types of operator available in the ARRONE range: Oval or hexagonal turn operation and lever handle.

All ARRONE mechanical push button locks are suitable for use on FD30 timber fire doors, with the lever handle version also suitable for 60 minute timber fire doors and 240 minute steel doors.

Testing, certification and standards

The ARRONE range of architectural locks is manufactured to the highest engineering standards.

Many of the ARRONE locks and latches carry CE and UKCA certification as well as the much coveted Certifire approval, for a wide range of door categories of use.

This extensive certification is underpinned by extensive testing to BS EN 12209 for durability and service life, as well as BS EN 1634-1 for fire resistance for doors, with selected locks tested to 30, 60, 90 and 120 minute timber doors and 240 minutes steel fire doors.

Relevant products have also been UKCA and CE marked, and CERTIFIRE-approved for use on the heaviest or lightest of duty doors.

UKCA marked
CE marked

Selected products have been tested to BS EN 1634-1 and approved for use on 30, 60, 90 and 120 minute timber fire doors and 240 minutes steel fire doors.

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