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As an owner-managed family business, we operate all over the world. We are regarded as the European market leader in the development, production and marketing of door handles and window handles. We see ourselves as a global competence leader.
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Successful since 1952

The history of HOPPE dates back to 1952, when Friedrich HOPPE founded his company in Heiligenhaus near Düsseldorf. The pioneer laid the foundation for us as a third-generation family business to be the market leader in Europe we are today. Around 2,300 employees worldwide are working to ensure that the company remains successful in the future.

We are committed to our roots
and we are growing in new dimensions.

Family business for generations

Friedrich Hoppe officially handed over the management of the company to his sons Wolf and Christoph Hoppe in 1992. Christian Hoppe is the first member of the third generation to be active in the company’s management.

The intention to continue HOPPE as a family business in the future was set out in a charter in 2014.

Sustainability is a guiding principle of our business activities.

Friedrich Hoppe
Friedrich Hoppe
Christoph and Wolf Hoppe
Christoph and Wolf Hoppe
Christian Hoppe
Christian Hoppe

The right product for every application

We develop, produce and market fitting systems for doors and windows. With our “HOPPE – Handle of excellence.” brand, we are market leader in Europe and a global leader in expertise. We offer our customers a comprehensive range – tailored to their needs and usually in complete product families.

Under the brand “ARRONE – The complete range.” we offer complementary products that include locks, cylinders, door closers and much more.

HOPPE strives for comprehensive and leading
expertise in the field of architectural fittings.

HOPPE – Handle of excellence.
ARRONE – The complete range.
HOPPE interior door handle set, Hamburg series
HOPPE eHandle ConnectSense for windows, Amsterdam series
ARRONE door closer
ARRONE hinge

Creativity is intelligent thinking against the norm

Our employees are our key competitive “factor”. Decades of in-house know-how in the field of architectural fittings is the basis of our innovative strength. We prepare solutions for future market requirements and set new standards – HOPPE innovations such as recessed grips, Quick-Fit and Secustik® are shaping the sector.

Contemporary systems and processes ensure the quality of our brand products.

HOPPE VarioFit®
HOPPE employee woman
HOPPE employee man
HOPPE Sertos®

Internationally active

Closer to the customer, quicker on the market – more than 20 sites on three continents: Our employees advise and support customers in around 90 countries.

We develop and manufacture in Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic and the USA.

The HOPPE Group headquarters is in Switzerland.

HOPPE-Group company structure

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