The ARRONE Brand

Under the ARRONE brand name, HOPPE offers a comprehensive range of architectural quality door and window hardware along with accessories. ARRONE products are manufactured and tested to exacting standards of quality and offer best in class performance.
ARRONE – The complete range.
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The ARRONE brand says something about a product. It says quality engineered, value for money and excellent service provided as standard.

With its ARRONE brand, HOPPE offers a comprehensive range of architectural quality door hardware for homes and businesses. Complementary products to operate and secure the door such as closers, locks, hinges, access control, etc. are provided by ARRONE. These are are designed and manufactured to complement the HOPPE range of aluminium, brass, stainless steel and nylon door and window hardware. More recently, ARRONE door handles have been added to the range as well.

Many products are manufactured exclusively by leading hardware manufacturers throughout the world. This is in the usual high brand quality according to European standards: Most components bear the CE mark and are certified in accordance with British Standards and the British CERTIFIRE scheme.

Since being acquired by HOPPE in 1997, the ARRONE product range is now firmly recognised and established within the market place. However, increasing demands for additional feature benefits and product enhancements, coupled with changes in legislation, have led to extensive product developments and additions throughout the various ranges.

ARRONE has been pursuing a brand-name strategy since 1988:

  • 1997 acquisition of Charter Hardware
  • Brand-name ARRONE as a registered trademark
  • Consistent quality standards (or improved standards as a result of technical developments)
  • Uniform visual appearance (Corporate Design)
  • Widespread, enduser-oriented distribution

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