HOPPE Quick-Fit Connection

With the HOPPE Quick-Fit connection, door handles can be fitted quicker and easier. Thanks to the tried-and-tested clamping mechanism, the door handles can be permanently fixed in place with just one movement, leaving them stable and free from play on the door.
HOPPE – Handle of excellence.
HOPPE Quick-Fit connection – Quick fitting by simply putting the door handles together
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Time is money – quicker and better:
The HOPPE Quick-Fit connection

With normal door handle installation, lots of steps have to be taken, quite often not without awkward fumbling. This is tedious and takes time. What is infinitely better is the HOPPE Quick-Fit connection. With its advanced technology, door handles can be installed in one simple step – and to last!

The key point of the technology is the blocking mechanism, developed by HOPPE, in the receiver handle. This holds the solid spindle of the other handle firmly and without play. It is with the whole width of the spindle that maximum torque transmission is achieved. The HOPPE Quick-Fit connection is a variable axial handle fitting, tested according to DIN EN 1906 and can be used for various door-thicknesses (in a defined area).

The advantages

  • Very quick door handle fitting: around 75% time saving compared with normal fitting
  • No Allen screw or transverse spindles needed
    – no hole for Allen screw needed
    – no alignment of the spindle necessary when tightening the Allen screw
    – no loosening of the Allen screw or spindle possible
  • Integrated blocking mechanism in the receiver handle
    – easy assembly of door handles
    – almost totally play-free handle connection
    – long-lasting, firm connection of the door handles
  • Use of a solid spindle
    – solid spindle for maximum torque transmission
  • Variable axial handle fitting tested to DIN EN 1906
    – can be used for various door-thicknesses (in a defined area)
  • Easy and quick removal of door handles
    – e. g., by means of the included Allen key or a small screwdriver for slotted screws. Just insert it into the disassembly opening on the side of the handle neck, loosen the clamping mechanism by turning it slightly, and pull the door handles apart.


HOPPE Quick-Fit products should not be combined with spindles from other manufacturers!


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European patents EP 1 683 933 and EP 3 202 999
HOPPE Quick-Fit connection

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