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eHandle FingerScan for doors

Simple and safe – eHandle FingerScan for doors

Simple and safe – eHandle FingerScan for doors

Biometric access control is no longer limited to high-security areas. The use of unchanging physical features for identification is becoming increasingly prevalent in everyday life. Using a person's finger instead of a key is the most commonly applied format.


A finger cannot be lost, stolen or misplaced – it is always there. To unlock the door, the finger is simply moved over a scanner field. Simple and safe – eHandle FingerScan for doorsIf this scanner field is built into the pull handle or the knob of the external door hardware, then it is particularly easy to use. Unlike scanner fields placed near the entrance door, these enable a door to be unlocked and opened in a single action.


Security also plays an important role: a finger scanner enables maximum control over access to buildings or individual rooms. Only those with an authorised fingerprint can open the door. The potential security loophole posed by key copies is a thing of the past.


The advantages at a glance

  • Simple and safe operation
  • Ergonomically positioned scanner field
  • Harmonious design
  • Connection to all common motorised locks
  • No additional milling of the door leaf
  • Installation using the familiar HOPPE fixing system for pull handles




HOPPE eHandle FingerScan for doors with Idencom finger scanners

HOPPE uses finger-scanner elements supplied by Idencom, a leading provider of biometric identification systems. These elements stand out due to their exceptional functional reliability and high level of user friendliness. The compact stainless steel design allows the finger scanner to blend in beautifully with the HOPPE hardware. Choose from E5764 and E5766 pull handles and the E86G knob.


Idencom - Fingerprint solutions

  • Maximum functional reliability
    (99.5 percent)
  • Intuitive operation
  • Unaffected by the weather
  • Compact construction
  • Multi-award-winning design
  • Made in Germany



Simple installation

The HOPPE eHandle FingerScan for doors is easy to install: no additional milling required – simply route a pre-assembled cable from the pull-handle support or the knob to the motorised lock. Apart from this, the HOPPE eHandle FingerScan for doors is installed the same way as before using the familiar HOPPE fixing system for pull handles.




Simple and safe operation

Simple and safe – eHandle FingerScan for doorsThe finger scanner is simple and intuitive to use. Teach-in processes take place via the scanner itself, while other settings such as authorisation management can be configured using a small remote control. The system can store up to 150 fingerprints.


The Idencom finger scanner offers maximum security. Unlike systems that require a finger just to be placed on the scanner, this finger scanner identifies the fingerprint from the movement. No image of the fingerprint appears on the scanner itself – thus unauthorised replication is not possible.


The finger scanner is particularly impervious to environmental conditions. It can withstand temperatures from -20 to +65 degrees Celsius and is also sealed watertight (IP class 65). If the energy supply is cut, due to a power failure for example, the stored data is not lost. Motorised locks usually have an emergency key, meaning that the door can still be opened and closed in such situations.




Break-in protection

The HOPPE eHandle FingerScan for doors used in combination with a security escutcheon or as security hardware meets the requirements of DIN EN 1906: 37-0142A (SK2) and DIN 18257 (ES1). It has a cylinder cover, a protective steel plate and a steel base, and is secured with steel lugs. The police recommend security hardware to this class (SK2 or ES1) as standard.