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eHandle AutoLock for windows

eHandle AutoLock for windows – convenient and burglary-resistant

Convenient and burglary-resistant

The eHandle AutoLock for windows locks automatically as soon as it is turned to the closed position. The requirements for unlocking are configured in a smart home control unit.




The advantages

  • Permanently locked window handles in the closed state
  • Burglary resistance as recommended by the police
  • Straightforward integration into central building locking systems
  • Encrypted communication (EnOcean Secure)
  • Extremely low radiation
  • HOPPE brand quality



EnOcean Secure

The eHandle AutoLock for windows uses EnOcean Secure. This means the signal sent by the handle to the system is secured with AES encryption.



Function of the eHandle AutoLock for windows

The handles have electromechanical locking in the rosette. If a handle is moved, it sends a wireless signal to the system, indicating the position of the handle. The system automatically locks a handle if it is in the closed position – it can then only be operated if the system gives the release for the window to be opened (within the parameters specified by the user). If release is given, the window handle is unlocked and can be turned as normal.



Communication with users and the system

The user queries whether the window is released for opening using the push button on the rosette:


eHandle AutoLock for windows - no query
No query (button has not been pressed): window handle is locked

eHandle AutoLock for windows - query made - red
Query made (button has been pressed): LED lights up red, window handle is locked

eHandle AutoLock for windows - query made - green
Query made (button has been pressed): LED lights up green, window handle can be turned


The following example scenarios could be configured in a system with the eHandle AutoLock for windows:

  • Opening enabled only at times when no air conditioning is running
  • Opening enabled only at set times, for example in office buildings

Further scenarios can also be created with the eHandle AutoLock for windows, independently of its locking function in the closed state:

  • Heating is automatically reduced if the window is opened for ventilation
  • Roller shutters are closed automatically only if the terrace door is closed

Further possibilities depend on the smart home system used and the user’s ideas that can be implemented with it.



Verified burglary resistance

In combination with the matching window element, the eHandle AutoLock for windows meets the requirements of the European standards DIN EN 1627–1630 (resistance classes RC 1–6) and DIN EN 13126-3.




Technical Data

  • Storage temperature: -20°C to +65°C
  • Operating temperature: +5°C to 40°C
  • Max. relative air humidity: 80%, non-condensing
  • Wireless protocol: EnOcean EEP D2-06-40 (encrypted)
  • Wireless frequency: 868 MHz
  • Encryption: 128-Bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard)
  • Transmission rate: 120 kbps +/-5 %
  • Information transmitted: handle position (open/tilted/closed), status of locking bolt, battery, cyclic live signal
  • Transmission power: max. 10mW EIRP
  • Wireless range: max. 30 m according to EnOcean specification, depending on the building condition
  • Repeater: max. one
  • Power supply: by battery, approx. 2 years‘ service life (type CR 123)
  • System requirements: EnOcean-enabled receiver with implemented EEP D2-06-40