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Improving hygiene in care homes: SecuSan® handles

Hygiene and germs are a major topic in retirement and care homes. Because their residents often have a weakened immune system due to their age or pre-existing conditions and are therefore more susceptible to infections. Communal living in a home can also help germs spread faster: as a result of shared meals, cleaning tools that are used in several rooms at the same time, the actions of personnel while providing care. In addition, care home residents sometimes have to be moved to a hospital. The risk of becoming infected with hospital germs, e.g. dreaded MRSA pathogens, and then “bringing them into the facility” after hospitalisation is high.

SecuSan® – Hygiene and germs are a major topic in retirement and care homes.

The most common method of infection with these germs is a transfer from one person to another. Once the pathogens have got on to the skin or the nasopharyngeal area, they are spread further by droplet infection or enter the body through invasive care measures, for example intravenous access.

Good hygiene measures, such as hand disinfection before and after every care activity and disinfecting used surfaces frequently, e.g. door handles, can generally prevent the spread of germs – MRSA pathogens or any other. Hygiene plans are an important tool here: They define exactly what measures are necessary to contain or prevent infections and what must be done to comply with and maintain certain hygiene standards.

However: wherever people work, mistakes can happen – especially under increased workloads and stress. It is therefore important that hygiene measures such as hand disinfection become so ingrained that carers do this “automatically” - even if they are already thinking about the next task. Antibacterial coatings on door handles can effectively support these hygiene routines. At HOPPE, we offer precisely this: door and window handles with the SecuSan® antibacterial and antimicrobial finish.

SecuSan® stops germs on the door handle

SecuSan® handles don’t differ visually from “normal” HOPPE handles on the door, but thanks to a special finish, they are able to effectively stop the growth of germs and bacteria on the handle. The finish of SecuSan® handles contains silver ions – and these ensure that germs that accumulate on the door handle can no longer multiply and die within a very short time. The growth of pathogens on the handle can thus be reduced by more than 99 percent – as demonstrated in independent laboratory and practical tests. Based on the JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) Z 2801:2000 and ISO 22196:2011 standards, laboratory tests were carried out to determine whether the antimicrobial performance of SecuSan® is sufficient to achieve a reduction of pathogens of at least 3 log units (99.9%) in 24 hours. For these tests, a thin layer of the test bacteria specified by the German Society of Hygiene and Microbiology (DGHM) was applied to a Petri dish and incubated for 24 hours. The result: SecuSan® showed a significant bactericidal effect with all test bacteria. The effect was especially marked in the case of Staphylococcus aureus (including MRSA) and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

HOPPE handle set for interior doors, Amsterdam series, satin stainless steel – SecuSan® (F69-S)

However, SecuSan® has not only gained certification in laboratory tests, but has also impressed in everyday clinical practice at the Marburg University Hospital. The mean bacterial load was recorded in two wards of identical construction and with comparable patients and subjected to analysis in the course of a two-week field trial. A direct comparison was made between wipe disinfection of conventional door handles and no disinfection of SecuSan® door handles. SecuSan®’s high level of antimicrobial effectiveness was certified by the Institute for Medical Microbiology and Hospital Epidemiology at the Philipp-University Marburg in particular as regards its effect over time. The silver ions in the finish of the SecuSan® handles also ensure that the handles retain their effectiveness even with regular cleaning.

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