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SecuForte® – Simple. Different. More secure.

A burglary-resistant window handle is primarily expected to prevent the window from being opened from the outside. This can be done with a keyed cylinder, for example, which blocks the turning mechanism of the window handle.

HOPPE window handle SecuForte®, Toulon series, steel effect (F9)

Burglary resistance is achieved differently with our SecuForte® window handles: as long as they are in the closed or tilted position, they are decoupled from the square spindle, which transfers the force of the window handle to the gear. That is to say: its normal function, which is to move the window gear so that the window opens, is disabled at this point in time. It will not be possible to move handles in this state – they are automatically locked. A burglar attempting to manipulate the handle from the outside will fail to do so, simply because the handle “will not work”.

No chance for piercing the glass!

The break-in method of piercing the glass is currently the most prevalent method. An attempt is made to reach the handle with a suitable tool via a small opening in the window glass and press it open or pry it off. Such an attempt will fail in the case of a window handle with SecuForte®: a burglar aiming to move the handle from the outside in this way may be able to turn it off the rosette, but the window will still remain closed. By the way, SecuForte® also makes another break-in method much more difficult: the locking mechanism also makes it virtually impossible to move the window fitting from the outside.

Push to turn!

The new safety principle also includes a new type of window handle operation. SecuForte® handles are operated differently than usual, but very simply at the same time: to open the window, the handle is first pushed in the direction of the rosette. This releases the handle lock and the handle can be turned as usual. As soon as the window is closed or tilted, the handle is also locked again.

SecuForte® – Push to turn!

And what’s more: the “push to turn” security principle has been around for a long time. It is used, for example, in bottles for hazardous materials such as medication and cleaning products, to make it virtually impossible to be opened by children and protect them against injuries that may be caused by the content of the bottle.


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