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Security and Design – window handles with SecuSelect®

Security and Design – window handles with SecuSelect®

SecuSelect® combines the advantages of Secu100® + Secustik® with the additional protection of a lockable rosette. Thanks to the use of HOPPE-Quick-Fit, there are also individual design options.

The following anti-break-in features are combined for SecuSelect® to create an effective unit:

  • Secu100® + Secustik® technology: The Secu100® technology prevents the turning and pulling off of the window handle up to a torque of 100 Nm. The blocking mechanism of Secustik® makes it difficult for unauthorised persons to move the hardware from the outside – even if the window handle is not locked!
  • Lockable rosette: The locking mechanism for the window handle is in the rosette body instead of in the handle itself. Even if the handle is broken off the rosette in case a force of more than 100 Nm is applied, the rosette remains firmly attached to the window profile and keeps the window securely locked.

Security and Design – window handles with SecuSelect®

Many design options thanks to Quick-Fit

Many design options thanks to Quick-Fit
Because of the use of HOPPE-Quick-Fit there are many individual design options. Every Quick-Fit handle from the interior door range can be combined with SecuSelect®. Additionally, the handle can be fitted with a downward or upward-facing cylinder.

SecuSelect® – advantages at a glance

  • With Secu100® + Secustik®: high mechanical security when locked and constant basic security when unlocked
  • Even greater stability and hardly any chance of a break-in as the cylinder is located in the rosette instead of the handle
  • Many individual design options with HOPPE-Quick-Fit handles, also from the interior door range
  • Easy to operate thanks to variable positioning of the cylinder and use of an extra-large reversible key
  • Quick and easy locking of closed and tilted windows by simply pushing down the cylinder
  • Meets the requirements of the European standard DIN EN 1627-1630 so they can be sold throughout the European Union
  • Meets the requirements of all resistance classes RC 1-6 when used with a suitable window unit
  • Also available with SecuTBT®


European Patent EP 1 837 461

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