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Secu100® + Secustik®

Secu100® + Secustik® = The standard for ease and built-in security you can hear

Secu100® + Secustik® = The standard for ease and built-in security you can hear

The Secu100® + Secustik® window handle combines the technology of the Secu100® and Secustik®: this not only creates a high standard of mechanical safety when locked, but also a permanent basic security when not locked. This means that:

The Secu100® technology resists to 100 Nm* of forceful turning or pulling the window handle off the rosette.

Verhindert ein Abdrehen und Abreißen des Fenstergriffs vom Rosettenkörper
* 1 Nm (Newton meters) is the torque that generates a force of 1 N with a lever arm of 1 m at the pivot point.

It is the Secustik® technology which helps impede unlawful tampering of the window handle from outside by an integrated blocking mechanism. The clicking sound is the audible sign of greater basic security.

Secu100® + Secustik® – advantages at a glance

  • The handles meet the requirements of the European standard DIN EN 1627-1630 so they can be sold throughout the European Union
  • They also meet the requirements of all resistance classes RC 1-6, when used with the appropriate window
  • The appealing and successful handle designs additionally offer an attractive benefit/price ratio
  • Certified according to RAL100

Secu100® + Secustik® are trademarked brand names.