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HOPPE Vacancies


HOPPE is a company run by the owning family, where the value-based and purpose-oriented company leadership forms the basis of our day-to-day work.


In order to be able to face up to the ever increasing rate of change, we need employees who identify themselves with the company, who are prepared to get involved with their knowledge, willingness and ability, to be team-players, to use freedom with a sense of responsibility and who are willing to learn, even from their mistakes! As benefit in return, we will offer you the Total Beneficial Advantage” (TBA).


Would you like to have increased quality of life in the workplace? On this page you will find all our current vacancies.


Date /
Area /
Job Title
Stadtallendorf (D)
alternatively Crottendorf (D)

Head of Production Master Data HOPPE Group


Ms Susann Haferkorn
Am Plausdorfer Tor 13
D-35260 Stadtallendorf
Tel.: +49 6428 932-274



Spontaneous application

Even if you do not apply for any of our vacancies, we will always be pleased to receive an unsolicited application. Please send your application to the following Personnel contact of the location you are interested in.


Site Contact
HOPPE AG – Germany
Stadtallendorf administration
Mr. Rene Raabe
Tel.: +49 6428 932-259
HOPPE AG – Germany
Bromskirchen plant
Mr. Eckhard Völlmecke
Tel.: +49 2984 309-258
HOPPE AG – Germany
Crottendorf plant
Ms. Carmen Lindner
Tel.: +49 37344 764-132
HOPPE AG – Germany
Stadtallendorf plant

Ms. Susann Haferkorn
Tel.: +49 6428 932-274

HOPPE AG – Italy
Lana administration
Ms. Heidemarie Plangger
Tel.: +39 0473 640213
HOPPE AG – Italy
Laas plant
Ms. Michaela Kobler
Tel.: +39 0473 640602
HOPPE AG – Italy
Schluderns plant
Ms. Tamara Donner
Tel.: +39 0473 640608
HOPPE s.r.o. – Czech Republic
Chomutov plant
Ms. Kateřina Šmahelová
Tel.: +420 474 930 044
HOPPE AG – Switzerland
Ms. Hannelore Punt
Tel.: +41 81 851 66 11