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Sertos®The standard for commercial buildings

Headergrafik HOPPE Sertos<sup>®</sup>

Quickly put together – and taken apart again!

HOPPE has made the best even better: for category of use grade 4 – i. e. for commercial buildings – we have refined our fixed/movable Sertos® clip-in connection. A newly designed ball locking mechanism in the handle connection does not only ensure a certified higher durability (1,000,000 test cycles!), but also has another advantage: handles with the Sertos® ball locking mechanism are not only easily installed, they are also just as easily removed.



Sertos®' advantages at a glance 

  • Newly designed ball locking mechanism in the handle connection
  • Exceedingly durable as certified by PIVCERTPlus test 
  • Easy to install in just a few steps
  • Easy to remove without any special tools
  • Integrated spring cassette
  • Also available with SecuSan®
  • Extensive range of products
  • 10-year operational guarantee


Innovative technology: the ball locking mechanism

A ball locking mechanism developed and manufactured by HOPPE allows the connection to be easily fitted and removed without the need for special tools or loss of necessary stability.








Innovative Technik: die Kugel-Arretierung


Installation and removal made easy

Thanks to the new ball locking mechanism, handles with the Sertos® clip-in connection are not only easy to install, but can also be quickly removed from the door without the need for special tools.





Montage HOPPE-Sertos®, Schritt 1: Unterkonstruktion aufstecken und festschrauben
Place the base and tighten the screws
  Montage HOPPE-Sertos®, Schritt 2: Rosetten aufklippen
Clip on the roses
  Montage HOPPE-Sertos®, Schritt 3: Profilstift einsetzen
Insert the solid profile spindle

Montage HOPPE-Sertos®, Schritt 4: Griffe zusammenstecken und Gewindestift festziehen
Put the door handles together and tighten the grub screw
  Montage HOPPE-Sertos®, Schritt 5: Fertig!
Fitting is complete!





Demontage HOPPE-Sertos®, Schritt 1: Gewindestift herausdrehen und Rosetten abklippen  
  • Loosen and remove the grub screw and unclip the roses
  • Press the removal spot to release the ball locking mechanism (use a hex key or a simple screwdriver)
  • Remove the handles (possibly by making slight shaking movements)

Certified long-term performance

Sertos® clip-in connections with ball locking mechanism for commercial buildings are extremely durable. They are designed to withstand the strain of at least 1,000,000 operations without any functional impairment. This has been certified by the PIVCERTPlus test (DIN EN 1906 plus additional requirements) carried out by the Velbert testing institute on interior door sets from category of use grade 4 as well as sets for fire doors, smoke doors and emergency exit doors.



Also available with SecuSan® 

Handle sets for interior doors featuring Sertos® clip-in connections with ball locking mechanism are also available with our SecuSan®-surface. SecuSan® immediately suppresses microbial growth on a lasting basis. This provides active protection in the very places where it is urgently required – for instance in clinics or schools as well as in industry or leisure facilities. SecuSan® is entirely maintenance-free and designed for long service life in public and commercial buildings.



European Patent EP 2 924 197



HOPPE Special Attribut "Sertos®"

HOPPE Certification mark "PIVCert"