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Production Facilities

1,274,800 sq. ft. of production area, out of 3,755,700 sq. ft. total industrial area, form the physical basis of HOPPE’s manufacturing.


What is more important than size alone, is the linked possibility of gearing-up production utilising the principles of modern logistics, as well as using the latest technology.


Apart from the factory in Fort Atkinson in the USA, where products complete their final manufacturing phase for the North American market, all production takes place in Europe. Accordingly, the brand attributes which distinguish HOPPE products and transport the promise of the brand, also include “Made in Europe”, along with the 10-year guarantee on mechanical function and environmentally-considerate manufacturing.


D-Stadtallendorf plant

Founded in1954
Production area155,100 sq. ft.

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D-Bromskirchen plant

Founded in1956
Production area166,800 sq. ft.

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I-Schluderns plant

Site Schluderns
Founded in 1964
Production area 192,400 sq. ft.

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I-Laas plant

Founded in1987
Production area231,400 sq. ft.

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USA-Fort Atkinson plant

SiteFort Atkinson
Founded in1991
Production area77,000 sq. ft.
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D-Crottendorf plant

Founded in1991/93
Production area339,400 sq. ft.
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CZ-Chomutov plant

Site Chomutov
Founded in 1996
Production area 112,700 sq. ft.


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