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eHandle ConnectSense for Windows

eHandle ConnectSense – Keeping an eye on the window

Monitors window conditions in smart homes

The eHandle ConnectSense detects break-in attempts on the window and reports them to the smart home control centre.

Both the position of the handle (closed, tilted, open) and the position of the window itself (closed, open) are detected and reported.

The constant matching of handle and window position ensures that the system precisely determines whether a window is actually opened or whether only the handle is in the open position without the window having been moved.

The eHandle ConnectSense offers numerous features for monitoring a building’s window situations – possibly even from afar via smartphone messaging.


•  Reliable detection of break-in attempts
•  Reliable monitoring of window conditions
•  Easy integration into smart home systems
•  Timeless design
•  HOPPE brand quality

Detects break-in attempts on the window

The eHandle ConnectSense detects break-in attempts on the windowUsing a special algorithm, the handle distinguishes an actual break-in attempt (e.g. prising open the window) from an accidental shock (e.g. caused by children playing ball).

Through their smart home control centre, users can define deterrent measures that are activated in the event of a detected break-in attempt.

Possible measures can be:

  • Lowering the shutters
  • Switching on the lights
  • Ringing of an alarm siren
  • Intruder alarm on the user’s smartphone

More convenience

Beside the break-in detection feature, users can define scenarios that ensure greater energy efficiency and convenience. For example:

  • Automatic curbing of heating or air-conditioning while the window is opened for ventilation
  • Automatic lowering of shutters when the patio door is closed

Further scenarios are possible – depending on the setup of the smart home system and the preferences of the resident.

eHandle ConnectSense for Windows: More convenience

Highly reliable transmission

The eHandle ConnectSense for windows uses the standard radio protocol Z-Wave Plus. It is equipped with the current „S2“ security standard and establishes encrypted communication in combination with a Z-Wave Plus smart home control centre.

The radio signal is transmitted to the smart home control centre both cyclically (e.g. every hour), as well as when the handle is actuated or in the event of an attempted break-in.

eHandle ConnectSense for Windows: Highly reliable transmission

Setup and models

Battery and circuit board are concealed inside the high-quality stainless steel handle. A plastic end cap ensures the unimpeded transmission of the wireless signal.

Amsterdam E0400Z-EF/US956


F69 (satin stainless steel)

(satin stainless steel)

F9016 (traffic white)

(traffic white)

F9714M (matt black)

(matt black)

Amsterdam E0400Z-EF/US950S


F69 (satin stainless steel)

(satin stainless steel)

F9016 (verkehrsweiß)

(traffic white)

F9714M (matt black)

(matt black)

Proven break-in protection

Models with keyed locking rosette in combination with the appropriate window profile meet the requirements of European standards DIN EN 1627–1630 (resistance classes RC 1–6) and DIN EN 13126-3.

eHandle ConnectSense for Windows: Amsterdam - E0400Z-EF/US950S F9714M
Amsterdam – E0400Z-EF/US950S F9714M

Technical Data

  • Storage temperature -20 °C to +65 °C
  • Operating temperature +5 °C to 40 °C
  • Max. relative air humidity: 80%, non-condensing
  • Wireless protocol: Z-Wave, S2 encrypted
  • Wireless frequency: 868.4 MHz (Europe)
  • Encryption: 128-Bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard)
  • Information transmitted: Detection of burglary attempt (for ex. prying a window open), position of handle and window (open/tilted/closed), battery, cyclic live signal if supported by the smart home central control unit
  • Transmission power: max. 5mW EIRP
  • Power supply: by battery, approx. 2 years’ service life (type LS 14500, System: Li-SOCl2 Lithium Battery, non rechargeable, recommended producers: Saft or Kraftmax)
  • System requirements: Certified Z-Wave smart home central control unit
  • Supported Z-Wave command classes: Z-Waveplus Info1 V2, Transport Service1 V2, Security1 V1, Security 21 V1, Supervision1 V1, Version2 V2, Association2 V2, Multi Channel Association2 V3, Association Group Information2 V3, Manufacturer Specific2 V2, Device Reset Locally2 V1, Indicator2 V3, Powerlevel2 V1, Battery2 V1, Sensor Binary2 V2, Configuration2 V4, Notification2 V8, Sensor Multilevel2 V11, Wake Up2 V2, Firmware Update MD2 V5

1 non-secure (S0), 2 secure (S2)