Resista® Surface Guarantee Declaration

I. General information

Alongside and in addition to the legal rights that result for the enduser from the purchase of HOPPE products, we also provide a manufacturer’s guarantee to endusers for the durability of the surface of handle sets and window handles of the “HOPPE – Handle of excellence.” brand which have the special attribute “Resista®” (hereinafter referred to as “Resista® surface”).

For the purposes of this manufacturer’s guarantee, “HOPPE products” are handle sets and window handles from the “HOPPE – Handle of excellence.” brand.

A HOPPE handle set includes a door handle (also known as a lever) or pull handle or recessed pull for sliding doors and/or handle rose and/or escutcheon or backplate (where applicable incl. thumb-turn), but not a mortise lock, keyed cylinder and key.

The term HOPPE window handles refers to window handles, and French or patiodoor handles, such as handles for parallel slide/tilt doors and lift/slide doors. A HOPPE handle for windows, or French or patio doors, consists of a handle and/or window handle rosette and/or base, in the case of lockable versions, including keyed cylinder and keys. Certain French or patio door handles also include recessed pulls for sliding doors and backplates with optional profile cylinder keyhole, but not profile cylinders and keys. The window handle, or French or patio door handle does not include the window gear and locking elements on the window itself.

For the purposes of this manufacturer’s guarantee, “enduser” is any individual or legal entity who was the first to purchase the HOPPE product from HOPPE, a distributor or any other person or legal entity who installs at or sells the HOPPE product to third parties as part of their business operations. The HOPPE product must not have been purchased with the intention of installing it at third parties or reselling it as part of a business operation.

II. Guarantee

As a manufacturer, we guarantee endusers the flawless durability of Resista® surfaces of properly used HOPPE handle sets and window handles. This surface guarantee includes all defects which can be proved to have been caused through fault in manufacturing or material, in particular, when the surface is tarnished or discoloured (appearance of spots) or the protective surface has become separated from its base material, and not through improper use.

Our surface guarantee applies to all HOPPE products with the Resista® surface. These products are marked with the special attribute “Resista®” on the packaging.

We grant the Resista® surface guarantee for a period of 10 years from date of purchase by the enduser.

This surface guarantee expressly excludes all parts that are not visible when assembled as well as replaceable individual parts, in particular screws, connecting spindles, etc., as well as electronic components. Moreover, no liability will be assumed for any damages caused by the following:

  • unintended, unsuitable or improper use;
  • incorrect or negligent treatment;
  • disregard for fitting and care instructions;
  • alterations or repairs to the product undertaken by the enduser themselves;
  • chemical and physical agents used improperly such as to cause effects on the surface, for example by sharp-edged instruments or improper cleaning agents and aids;
  • damage by force majeure or natural catastrophes.

III. Guarantee services

Our guarantee applies, in the event that a defect in the Resista® surface occurs within the guarantee period, exclusively to either the repair of the product for the enduser free of charge, or to the replacement of the product free of charge with a suitable or equivalent product, this decision being at our discretion.

Costs and expenses incurred by the enduser for the installation and removal of the HOPPE product or for the shipment of the product to HOPPE or the dealer are not covered by this guarantee.

IV. Guarantee process to be followed by the enduser

The enduser can assert their rights arising from this guarantee by submitting a description of the fault within the guarantee period to the dealer from whom the initial enduser purchased the product, or directly to us: HOPPE Holding AG, Via Friedrich Hoppe 6, 7537 Müstair, Switzerland.

The enduser must also submit the rejected product and provide evidence that the defect in the Resista® surface occurred within the guarantee period. This evidence can be provided in particular by presenting the end user’s sales receipt. We therefore recommend keeping this in a safe place at least until the end of the guarantee period.

V. Legal rights

In the event of defects in the goods, the enduser has legal material defect rights against the seller from whom they purchased the product or the contractor who installed the product on their behalf. The enduser may exercise these rights free of charge; the rights are not limited by this guarantee. Depending on the circumstances, they may exceed the rights arising from this guarantee and be more advantageous to the enduser or may fall short of this guarantee. The guarantee does not limit other statutory rights of the enduser, such as rights under the Product Liability Act.

VI. Name and address of the guarantor

HOPPE Holding AG
Via Friedrich Hoppe 6
CH-7537 Müstair

(Issued 12/2022)