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DIN EN 179

DIN EN 179 for emergency exit devices

DIN EN 179 for emergency exit devices

The European standard DIN EN 179 for emergency exit devices has been in force since June 2002 and was revised in 2008. It defines the requirements and testing procedures, and provides firm recommendations for their application.


DIN EN 179 – Anwendungsbereich

Area of application

For doors in escape routes where emergency situations can arise. The people in the building are familiar with the exits and their hardware (i.e. in office buildings not used by the public at large).


Emergency situation

An emergency situation is when a life-threatening situation arises for one or more persons yet is not necessarily a cause for panic. A typical scenario is a fire in an office where the office-staff are familiar with the escape route and where evacuation can occur in a controlled way.


Permitted hardware

Door handles or pull handles/push pads which have been developed for emergency situations (see drawings below).


Important features of hardware

Important features of fire-resistant hardware for emergency exits to DIN EN 179:

Important features of hardware - DIN EN 179


Dimensional requirements

Dimensional requirements for a handle to DIN EN 179 (dimensions in mm):

Dimensional requirements for a handle to DIN EN 179


Important information

The hardware and lock must always be tested and certified together. It is absolutely essential to adhere to national regulations.

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