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The Company

A brief summary of the company’s past and presence, important milestones and distinctive features.


eHandle HandsFree for Doors

The eHandle HandsFree for doors allows you to unlock your front door even with your hands full – just by moving your foot through a spotlight on the ground.



With SecuForte®, HOPPE offers a completely new standard in burglary resistance. When the window is closed or tilted, the handle and square spindle are uncoupled and the handle is automatically locked. It is a unique concept that protects against the unauthorised opening of a window from outside.


SecuSan® – The proven hygiene standard

SecuSan® is a special surface that immediately suppresses microbial growth on a lasting basis. It is entirely maintenance-free and designed for long-term usage.


Time is money – quicker and better:
The HOPPE Quick-Fit connection

With normal door handle installation, lots of steps have to be taken, quite often not without awkward fumbling. This is tedious and takes time. What is infinitely better is the HOPPE Quick-Fit connection. With its advanced technology, door handles can be installed in one simple step – and to last!


HOPPE Quick-FitPlus – Less is more

HOPPE Quick-FitPlus is the logical further development of the tried and tested HOPPE Quick-Fit connection. It is not just the door handles which can be fitted easily but also the attractive flat handle roses and escutcheons. The stainless steel handle roses and escutcheons, which are only 2 mm thick, come in round or square versions. They are available in various technical specifications and make a striking feature on any door when combined with the many attractive handle designs