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HOPPE as an Employer

HOPPE as an Employer

Increased quality of life in the workplace

Is it important for you to live your values?
Do you value quality of life in the workplace?

Then HOPPE could be exactly the kind of workplace you are looking for.


Thinking in terms of generations

HOPPE is led and shaped in the second generation by the two members of the owning family, Messrs. Wolf Hoppe and Christoph Hoppe, who can afford and are willing to think and act on a long-term basis. This long-term “thinking in terms of generations” also enables the implementation of a value-based company leadership, on the basis of which the recognition that “Whoever demands good performance must offer a sense of purpose” can be put into practice. The company aims to create an honest and healthy working environment, which promotes innovation, where beneficial performance brings success which in turn gives pleasure and where the positive “quality of interaction” is not just an empty phrase but is put into practice (and demonstrated by example).


The right employees

The right employees will increasingly be the decisive competitive “factor” in the future. With the creative development of their potential, customer-oriented added value and long-term profit optimisation, these employees will continuously increase the company’s survivability in comparison with its competitors.

Within the framework of the Company Beliefs and Aims, jobs at HOPPE are self-made adventure playgrounds for mature adults. As a result, employees receive, starting from the company owners, orientation as well as freedom, which then, however, needs to be filled in a responsible and target-oriented way.


The Total Beneficial Advantage

This forms part of the Total Beneficial Advantage (TBA), which is the company’s benefit in return for employee performance. Not least, you can draw additional benefit from the Personnel Policy governing the value-based way employees interact within the company, and from the great importance HOPPE attaches to high job security. The Total Beneficial Advantage therefore comprises much more than just a wage and, in sum, can lead to an increased quality of life in the workplace. We would be happy to speak to you about what this means for you specifically.