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Reasons why Black Architectural Ironmongery is a Popular Choice for Designers and Homeowners

Black ironmongery including door handles, locks, hinges, and accessories is very popular, and as there are many benefits to choosing black door hardware it’s easy to see why.

Black Architectural Ironmongery fits many Styles
For those who are looking for a touch of elegance, adding black door furniture to a door can make an entrance or exit to a building or room look sophisticated and stylish.

Black is a versatile colour that fits many styles and colours and can easily be matched with both modern and more traditional decor. As an adaptable and timeless colour, it goes with most decors making it a safe choice for both designers and homeowners.

Popular Types of Black Architectural Ironmongery
Black architectural ironmongery can include handles, locks, and hinges for internal doors as well as letterplates, knockers, numbers, and numerals for external doors.

In commercial or public buildings, black door closing devices and black panic and emergency door hardware have also proved popular over previous years.

Handles for External Doors from HOPPE (UK)

Anthracite grey continues to be a popular colour choice for residential doors with many opting for black furniture for the finishing touch.

Handles for external doors from HOPPE (UK)

The HOPPE Atlanta aluminium security handle set on narrow backplate with cylinder cover for profile doors is available in matt black and comes with the TS007 security grade classification.

The suited collection from ARRONE offers matching hardware including the AR7550 long backplate lever handle set, knockers, letterplates, numbers and numerals in black making it easier for homeowners to colour-coordinate hardware for their front door.

Handles for Internal Doors from HOPPE (UK)

When it comes to internal doors the Dallas and Los Angeles series are part of the HOPPE mini rose range and offers handles in both polished black and satin black. In addition, the Dallas handle is also available in matt black. Both handles also have the added benefit of HOPPE’s Resista® finish.

Handles for internal doors from HOPPE (UK)


Continuing with internal doors and as part of the ARRONE hinge range the AR8180 and AR8182 grade 13 ball bearing hinge in stainless steel is available in black.

Hinges from HOPPE (UK)

Locks and Latches

The 900 series from ARRONE offers a range of mortice locks and latches available in black.

Locks and latches from HOPPE (UK)

Products for commercial, office and public buildings

Door Closing Devices from HOPPE (UK)

Door closers are essential for making sure fire and entrance doors are fully functional and, more importantly, ensuring fires are contained to protect building users, a black door closer will blend in with many decors and can provide a sleek and stylish look to a commercial premises or office building.

The ARRONE AR1500 slim line rack and pinion door closing device is available in eight different finishes including black.

Panic and Emergency Hardware from HOPPE (UK)

In buildings used by the public, panic and emergency hardware have a critical role to play in assisting people to exit a building quickly and safely.

A range of panic and emergency products from ARRONE including the AR880 single panic bolt, AR882 single panic latch, AR883 single push pad, and AR886 outside access device are all available in black making it easier for designers and architects to match a room or building’s ambience.

Panic and Emergency hardware from HOPPE (UK)

Nylon from HOPPE (UK)

The HOPPE Nylon range offers a cost-effective hardwearing solution for the education sector tested to BS EN 1906 with a full suite of door hardware products including hooks, door stops, fingerplates, handles, pull handles, roses, and escutcheons in ten colours including black.

Contact HOPPE (UK) on 01902 484 410/20 or email [email protected] for further information on door hardware.

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