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Exploring the Benefits of Brass

Brass has been a popular choice of metal for door hardware since the late 1800s. Primarily made up of copper and zinc, brass has been chosen time and time again for its characteristics and appearance. The physical properties include wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and malleability. Its gold-like decorative appearance is an attractive aesthetic attribute.

Bergen Brass Handle – Brass Coloured
Bergen Brass Handle – Brass Coloured

Durable and Hardwearing
Both durable and hardwearing, brass will withstand the test of time. This makes it suitable for products that are in constant use, and at risk of being worn down such as a door handle. HOPPE brand brass fittings are made of the best brass alloys. Therefore when you choose hardware from HOPPE you can be confident that you are choosing a product of excellence.

Corrosive Resident
A handle can be subjected to different environmental conditions, for example dampness or humidity. Unlike many metals, brass is less prone to corrosion or rust prolonging the longevity of the handle. This material also resists high temperatures and light. With a HOPPE brass handle the surface is protected either by a transparent lacquer of elevated adhesive strength and resistance to solvents and chemicals, by electro-plating such as chrome-plating, or by a special vacuum coating process.

HOPPE brand brass fittings are also available under the Resista® HOPPE surface guarantee. HOPPE products with Resista® identification have a 10-year warranty on the surface. A special process protects them even better against corrosion. This is recommended for coastal areas or intensive use, for example in public buildings, shops, and hotels.

Low Maintenance
Brass fittings do not require any specialist care. This makes it easy to keep them looking nice. Dirt can simply be removed by using a soft cloth and water. It is important to note, however, that the use of harsh cleaning agents should be avoided.

An elegant and luxurious look can be achieved by adding brass hardware to most decors. The warm gold-like colour of polished brass and satin brass is particularly pleasing aesthetically. Due to its malleability properties, brass is easy to shape and bend, and can provide versatility when designing new handle designs and shapes.

Variety of Colours
HOPPE brass handles come either in a polished brass finish that has a bright and shiny appearance, or in a satin brass finish, which has a more textured matte appearance. The HOPPE brass range is available not only in the original look of brass but also in a variety of colours including copper, chrome, nickel, black, and anthracite grey.

Dallas Brass Handle – Satin Black Coloured
Dallas Brass Handle – Satin Black Coloured

The HOPPE Range of Brass Hardware

HOPPE offers a range of external and internal brass handles. The Atlanta TS007 brass security handle set, and the Tokyo handle set for profile doors are available in polished chrome and polished brass, both featuring the HOPPE Quick-Fit and Resista® special attributes.

Atlanta Brass Security Handle – Polished Chrome Coloured
Atlanta Brass Security Handle – Polished Chrome Coloured

The Dallas and Los Angeles brass handle sets for profile and internal doors offer Resista® finishes in the colours copper, anthracite, and black.

The Athinai brass handle set on rose without escutcheons is part of the duravert® line. It is available in polished chrome/satin stainless steel or a polished/satin brass Resista® finish.

Los Angeles Brass Handle – Polished Copper Coloured
Los Angeles Brass Handle – Polished Copper Coloured

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