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A security handle set for entrance doors offers effective protection against manipulation of the lock and cylinder making access more difficult for potential burglars.
HOPPE – Handle of excellence.
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The Door is a Source of Danger

One of the possible entry points for burglars is the door to your house or apartment. Good technical security systems mean forced entry attempts can fail. In contrast, doors that do not have the right security measures are almost an invitation to burglars!

Solid protection both day and night

What is the TS 007 Security Standard?

In response to growing concerns about opportunist burglars and new methods of attack specifically targeting cylinders used in locks, Secured by Design has worked alongside the Door & Hardware Federation and the Glass & Glazing Federation on the TS 007 technical specification.

As one of the only standards to cover the retrofit market, TS 007 provides a level of security for replacement hardware.

It aims to protect cylinder locks against all known methods of forced entry including picking, manipulation, bumping, and snapping.

To comply with TS 007, the cylinder and the hardware around it must have a cumulative total of 3 stars. This can be achieved by using either a 3* cylinder on its own or a 1* cylinder combined with 2* security door hardware.

Protect your Property with Tried and tested Security Hardware from HOPPE (UK)

Designed to enclose the locking cylinder to protect against extraction, the HOPPE Atlanta Security Handle has been tested to standards recommended by Secured by Design and has received the 2* TS 007 CertiSecure accreditation for door hardware.

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