HOPPE (UK) offers free, in-house CPD sessions for door and window hardware suppliers, facilities managers and architects. The sessions are designed to help you understand the key role that architectural ironmongery plays in all buildings. All training is delivered by the experienced architectural ironmongery team from HOPPE (UK).
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Free, RIBA-Approved Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Training

The training courses include:

RIBA CPD Providers Network
  • Ironmongery for fire and escape doors
  • Specification of door hardware – an architect’s guide
  • Ironmongery and accessibility
  • Ironmongery specification in a post pandemic world
Free, RIBA-Approved  Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Training

As the training is RIBA approved, architects will also benefit from double learning points for attending a presentation of this CPD.

For more information click here, or to book a CPD session at your place of work, please contact Andy Matthews on 01902 484439.

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