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Hardware Considerations for Warehouses

The boom in online shopping we have experienced in recent years shows no signs of slowing down. In 2024, e-commerce is expected to constitute 37.5% of the UK’s retail market. To accommodate this, many warehouses are appearing up and down the country.

By its very nature warehouse work is transient, meaning it is common for the workforces within them to change regularly. Couple this with large open spaces, and it can be difficult to keep track of people and maintain security.

Security in warehouses can take several forms, from employing qualified security professionals to provide on-site services, to alarm systems and CCTV cameras, but there are also ways to incorporate security into the building itself.

Andrew Syms, business development manager at HOPPE (UK), explains what specifiers working on warehouse projects should consider when it comes to specifying hardware for these types of buildings.

It is important to think about who can access the warehouse, and how. The building should always be secure, and employees with authorised access should have the necessary means to enter.

Locks for Steel Doors

Steel doors are popular in warehouses – but special regulations apply to them which is why it is important that the door locks installed are tested appropriately. For example, ARRONE locks within the 900 series are BS EN 12209 performance tested, BS EN 1634-1 fire tested and assessed for use on 240-min steel fire doors.

When it comes to security for general office space, meeting rooms, or storerooms, a mortice sashlock is a good solution. The ARRONE AR910 has two bolts: one being the latch bolt, so when the door is shut into the frame it will stay closed – regardless of whether it is locked or not – and the other is a dead bolt that can be locked for added security.

ARRONE AR910 Mortice Sashlock
ARRONE AR910 Mortice Sashlock

A mortice latch, such as the ARRONE AR911, is usually used on internal non-locking doors and is popular in communal office spaces. It is operated by using a lever handle or knob and is designed to keep doors closed but not locked. This makes it convenient for office staff to enter and exit the area.

A higher security measure may be required in areas where expensive items are stored or where staff personnel files are kept. The ARRONE AR912 is a mortice deadlock that can be used as a standalone or as additional security.

The ARRONE AR914 mortice night latch has a slam lock operation. This means it will automatically lock when the door closes and requires a key to access from the outside. This not only makes it ideal for external doors, but also for internal doors including storage cupboards or restricted areas in public buildings.

Outside Access Devices

There is an ongoing need for panic and emergency exit doors on commercial buildings to also be accessible from the outside. For this, an outside access device (OAD) is used. Ideal for addressing fire safety requirements without compromising security, OADs remain locked from the outside but can be opened from the inside in case of emergency.

In many cases, doors that are part of the emergency exit route could also be used as entrances into a building, but the hardware requirements are different for such uses. The ARRONE lever-operated, outside access devices AR885L, AR8805, and AR8806 are designed to overcome these issues and make use of existing doors to improve access into the building.

ARRONE AR885 Lever Operated Outside Device
ARRONE AR885 Lever Operated Outside Device

Providing Limited Access

To help protect a warehouse from unwanted visitors, mechanical push button locks are ideal. They work by setting a code, which is shared with every worker who’s allowed access to that area of the building.

This is particularly useful for back offices, places where sensitive information is stored, and general storage spaces. Of course, if someone leaves the business, then the code can be easily changed straight away so that they can no longer gain access.

An ARRONE mortice lock is also recommended for additional security.

Securing Possessions

Warehouse staff need somewhere to securely store their belongings, and often there are locker facilities. However, using keys for them can compromise security if they are lost.

Fingerprint padlocks can be used as a safer alternative. The AR90/54 padlock can be unlocked using just a fingerprint and responds to recognised prints in less than a second.

The Zinc housing and steel alloy shackle provide enhanced tamper and corrosion resistance. With a long-lasting, rechargeable battery, the FingerScan Padlock can be used for up to 200 days on a single charge and uses a standard USB power cable to recharge.

Fingerprint padlock
Fingerprint padlock

Futureproofing Warehouses

Ensuring a warehouse is secure is not only important for the financial viability of a business but also for the safety of employees. If a warehouse can be easily broken into or vandalised, it can lead to staff members feeling vulnerable.

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