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TBT / SecuTBT®

The lockable window handles with TBT operation

The lockable window handles with TBT operation

Lockable TBT (Tilt Before Turn) window handles are being increasingly used in public buildings and places such as schools, kindergartens, clinics or retirement homes to prevent unauthorised opening from inside.

The TBT technology enables the handle to be locked in the tilted position (90°) with a key. The further moving of the handle to the opening position (180°) is then only possible once it has been unlocked again.

Grafik TBT-Funktion
Important: The TBT operation is only assured if the window and the handle feature TBT technology. Every TBT window handle comes with a sticker which explains the TBT technology in a simple way.


HOPPE window handles with TBT operation

HOPPE window handles are manufactured in the versions of TBT1 and SecuTBT®. The way how they technically differ, is described below:


TBT1 window handles

The TBT1 models are equipped with freewheel between the locked and tilted positions, meaning that, although unlocking of the cylinder is not necessary, ventilation can occur. In the 90° tilted position, a blocking mechanism comes into operation so that turning the handle further to the 180° opening position is only possible once the cylinder has been unlocked.


SecuTBT® window handles

HOPPE’s SecuTBT® function is a further development of the conventional TBT technology. It ensures ease and greater security for windows:

In the locked position (0°), a HOPPE window handle with the SecuTBT® function can be locked with a key and gives additional security, helping to prevent break-ins. Only when unlocked (by turning the key) can the handle be moved to the 90° tilted position.

When the window handle is turned to the tilted position, unlike the conventional TBT technology, it automatically locks in the 90° position, without the key having to be used! Turning it back to the locked position (0°) is also possible without unlocking it with the key.

In order to be able to turn the window handle from the tilted to the opening position (180°), a “two-hand operation” is necessary: it is only when the key and the handle are turned at the same time that unlocking is possible and the window handle can be turned to the opening position. It is in this way that the window handle is protected against unlawful or unintentional turning to the opening position.

If the HOPPE SecuTBT® window handle is in the opening position and needs to be turned to the tilted position, this is possible without unlocking. The automatic blocking mechanism comes into operation in the tilted position, too, which securely locks the handle without the need to use the key. However, it can be turned further to the locked position but no longer back to the opening position. This is only possible by using two hands as mentioned.

In short: a high degree of security is provided where it is needed and easier operation where it is possible – advantages which play an important role in public buildings.


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SecuTBT® operation