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Company Beliefs and Aims

HOPPE Company Beliefs and Aims

Company Beliefs

“Creativity is intelligent thinking against the norm”, the result being: “Different from and better than others.” These axioms characterise the HOPPE Group. Read more about our Company Beliefs.

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Company Beliefs

The HOPPE Group recognises that it must keep up with the challenges of a constantly-changing free-market economy on a day-to-day basis.

Building on the foundations of value-based and purpose-oriented company leadership, the pursuit of long-term, workable relationships with its employees, customers and suppliers, based on mutual trust, along with its concern for the regions in which the company is located, takes priority over short-term success.

Seven production plants in Europe and the United States, along with worldwide distribution, form the basis of the company’s survivability, elements of which are:

Liquidity, Profitability, Flexibility, Innovation, Sales and Profits.

These are put into practice under conditions of

Social Acceptability.

The HOPPE Group consists of separate, medium-sized enterprises, which not only facilitate direct communication between staff, but provide for simple and overseeable processes.

The company is continually mindful of the following axioms, which aim to improve HOPPE’s overall market presentation:

  • “Information is the raw material for decision-making.”
  • “Mistakes are allowed, as long as one learns from them.”
  • “Employees accept challenges if they understand the why and wherefore of them.”
  • “Customers are prepared to pay for beneficial performance only.”

By concentrating and specialising in door and window hardware, and not diversifying into other areas, HOPPE strives for comprehensive competence in its field.

While adhering to the rules of international business, HOPPE aims to keep red tape to a minimum. The right balance between central leadership, through the holding company, and the decentralised freedom of the individual companies, makes for the most effective use of resources and maximises benefit for all.

The following beliefs, in conjunction with the independent decision-making powers of the company owners, make the HOPPE Group what it is today:

“Creativity is intelligent thinking against the norm”,
the result being:
“Different from and better than others.“

Company Aims

The HOPPE Group aims to be successful in the market by creating additional customer-oriented added-value. Read more about our Company Aims.

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Company Aims

The HOPPE Group aims to be successful in the market by creating additional customer-oriented added-value. The overall objective of increased survivability is to be achieved by committing ourselves to beneficial performance and willingness to change, combined with the necessary ability to (re-)act. Hence the dictum for our organisation: the market process determines the internal structures.

Jobs, humanised by the use of modern technology and increased, what we welcome, by keeping one step ahead of our competitors, are to be secured in the long term. Informed and involved employees, who are willing to learn, can make an active contribution to the company and earn accordingly.

Social acceptability and consideration for the environment are indispensable prerequisites for the company, its products and manufacturing

HOPPE wants to be the specialist for functional and decorative hardware.

In fairness to employees, customers, suppliers and the regions in which HOPPE is located, we pursue the principle of

Profitability before Turnover.

Depending on his job, each employee is responsible for costs and those with leadership responsibilities, in addition, for results.

The success of the HOPPE Group is to be secured in the long run by the following company policies:

  1. Personnel Policy
    1. Key sentences:
      HOPPE aims to establish a fair relation between performance and benefit in return. The “creative destruction” of old habits is more important than maintaining conventional lines of thinking. Equal importance is given to competence in the job, social and communication skills.

  2. Quality Policy
    1. Key sentence:
      The company continually strives to improve its overall market presentation.

  3. Marketing Policy
    1. Key sentence:
      In marketing, HOPPE recognises that increased customer-benefit assures its own long-term survivability in the most sustainable way and acts accordingly.

  4. Logistics Policy
    1. Key sentence:
      HOPPE regards logistics as an all-embracing concept of market-oriented company leadership, the aim of which is to structure the whole value-added chain, including those partners involved prior to and following the manufacturing process, in an integrated and beneficial way.

  5. Environment Policy
    1. Key sentence:
      Based on economic-ecological demands, HOPPE seeks to achieve its goals as economically as possible, using the means available as efficiently as possible.

  6. Communication Policy
    1. Key sentence:
      Communication at HOPPE is to be clear, precise, expeditious and conducted in an atmosphere of honesty, openness and lack of fear.

These basic beliefs are all connected and interdependent in the customer-oriented process of creating added-value. They will yield the best results only in conjunction with each other.