Cylinders are a vital piece of hardware that controls the locking function within a locking device. With more than 15 different types and sizes of cylinder, the ARRONE range provides many options for different door types, locking functions, and level of security.
ARRONE – The complete range.
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Convenience and Expertise

Cylinders are one of ARRONE’s specialities. We even have our very own cylinder centre at our Wolverhampton head office equipped with the latest computer software and keying machinery to create robust cylinders.

Our qualified locksmiths can offer quick production of master-keying service for:

  • Keyed alike sets
  • Master keyed suites
  • Common cylinders
  • Grand master suites

Our team is here to help you decide what is most appropriate for your specific project and application.

Cylinder Types

Varying degrees of complexity can be achieved to suit a variety of needs but there is often confusion between the different types of cylinders.

Keyed Alike:

A keyed alike system is when all locks can be operated using the same key.

ARRONE Cylinder Keyed Alike

Master Suites:

In a straight master keyed suite all the locks can operate off different keys, but another key (called the master key) will open them all. Keyed Alike groups can also be incorporated into any Master Key suite.

ARRONE Cylinder Master Suites

Grand Master Key Suites:

Grand Master Key suites are used when it is necessary to have more than one master key group. These groups are referred to as sub suites. In these instances, all cylinders irrespective of their sub suite, are controlled by one key known as the Grand Master Key.

ARRONE Cylinder Grand Master Key Suites

Common Cylinders:

The common entrance suite removes the need to hold two keys, for example one for the front door and one for an individual room in student accommodation or a block of flats. A common entrance key will open both the front door and the individual room.

ARRONE Cylinder Common Cylinder

The Advantages

The ARRONE range of cylinders range of cylinders consists of 5 and 6 pin options in a range of lengths. This is especially helpful in buildings with thicker doors for acoustic properties such as music schools and theatres.

Special finishes can also be provided including bronze and polished brass.

The ARRONE Cylinder Ranges Include:

  • Euro profile cylinders
  • Single cylinders
  • Double cylinders
  • Key and turn cylinders
  • Rim cylinders
  • Scandinavian cylinders
  • Round mortice threaded cylinders


The range includes cylinders tested to BS EN 1303 and BS EN 1634 Part 1 standards.

Many are suitable for use on fire doors and have been included in tests on timber doors up to 120 minutes and on steel doors up to 240 minutes.

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