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HOPPE Bronze


Each piece of HOPPE Bronze is uniquely defined by its environment as it ages. The patina finish is “alive”, slowly and subtly changing in color and texture. These subtle changes are desirable characteristics of bronze. Simply stated, HOPPE bronze will become more beautiful as it endures the test of time.



HOPPE Bronze- Investment Cast Process

The HOPPE investment cast process offers design flexibility, tighter tolerances, and produces functionally superior parts from a hard mold system. This hard mold system allows for detailed definition and undercuts as a result of the sophisticated design of the mold itself.



HOPPE Bronze- Alloys

HOPPE Bronze is created from an alloy of nickel and silicon, with a unique base color determined by specified amounts of each metal. The bronze alloy ingots are melted in crucibles and poured into molds for each piece of unique hardware.


Once a product is cast, we burnish then patina it to the specified finish color. Burnished finishes are achieved by tumbling the bronze in various sizes of rock and crystal cold water for long periods of time. A warm, rich patina finish is then achieved by oxidation and hand-rubbing with oils and waxes, making each piece a unique work of art. This process creates the exquisite glow of HOPPE Bronze.


  • Compatible with HOPPE HLS® 9000* Multipoint Locking System.
  • Adapts to standard door thicknesses of 35mm (1.38) and 45mm (1.77).
  • Available in Active Door Sets, Inactive Doors Sets and Fixed Pair Dummy Sets.
  • Covered by HOPPE North America, Inc. Limited Lifetime Mechanical Warranty.