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Entry & Interior Door Handle Finishes


 Resista Brass (F77-R)    Resista Brass/Brushed Brass (F77-R/F72-R)
Resista® Brass (F77-R)
  Resista® Brass/Brushed Brass



 Brushed Antique Brass (F73)    Polished Chrome/Brushed Stainless Steel (F49-R/F69-R)
Brushed Antique Brass (F73)
Finish Properties
  Polished Chrome/Brushed
Stainless Steel (F49-R/F69-R)



 Matte Black (F9714)    Brushed Chrome (F41-R)
Matte Black (F9714)   Brushed Chrome (F41-R)



 Oil-Rubbed Brass (F79)    Polished Chrome (F49-R)
Oil-Rubbed Brass (F79)
Finish Properties
  Polished Chrome (F49-R)



 Rustic Umber (F8709)    Satin Nickel (F42-R)
Rustic Umber (F8709)   Satin Nickel (F42-R)



 Antique Nickel (F44-R)    
Antique Nickel (F44-R)
Finish Properties