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About the HOPPE Customer Portal

Who can access the HOPPE Customer Portal?

Anyone who is on the HOPPE system as an employee of a registered customer can request access to our Customer Portal. A password needs to be created when logging in for the first time. It is then possible to access the Portal with an email address and personal password.

If employees who are expected to have access to our Customer Portal are not yet on our system, please get in touch with your contact person in the HOPPE internal sales team. Your HOPPE contact person can then create the new user and will go through the rest of the details with them. A valid email address is required to log in.


How can I edit or delete information in the customer account area?

Account information cannot be edited through the Portal. You need to contact your HOPPE contact person in the internal sales team if you wish to edit, delete or add to this information.

If an employee’s account needs to be deactivated and their access revoked, this also needs to be executed by your HOPPE contact person in the internal sales team.


How can I change my password?

You can change your password at any time by clicking the “Forgotten password” button or by editing the user information in the “Account” area (on the bottom right-hand side of the Customer Portal page).


How safe is my data on the HOPPE Customer Portal?

HOPPE uses the most secure encryption software. Personal data such as names and addresses, as well as company data, are only transferred via the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) security protocol.


Can I share a link from the HOPPE Customer Portal?

Links to pages in the Portal can only be viewed by customers who are logged in; as such, it is necessary to be registered on the Portal to view links.


Am I allowed to share information?

The data within the HOPPE Customer Portal is only available to HOPPE customers for their own use. You are not permitted to share images or documents from the Portal with third parties.


What can I do on the Portal?

Home page:

You can access all the Portal’s functions from the home page, e.g., order entry and history. We also compile interesting news for you on the home page, showcasing everything to do with the HOPPE handle of excellence.


Order history:

Orders from the last three months are displayed under order history. You can filter them by order number, customer order number, order value, order date and order status. If you click the order number, you can view detailed information about your order. 


Order details page:

You can view general information about your order and its individual items here. An item’s delivery date and status information always refer to that particular item.

By clicking “Send order documents”, you can request delivery notes and invoices for orders that have already been delivered or invoiced.



You can view what information we have stored for you in the “Account” area. These Customer Data cannot be amended or added to through the HOPPE Customer Portal. Instead you need to contact your HOPPE contact person in the internal sales team and notify them of any changes you wish to make. In addition, only your HOPPE contact person is able to deactivate users. The information saved under User Data refers to the contact details of that particular user. You can change your password yourself under this section.