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Pressmeddelande 01/2021

SecuForte® – Simple. Different. More secure.

Image 1: Window handle Austin series with SecuForte®
Image 1: Window handle Austin series with SecuForte®
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  • Innovative SecuForte® break-in protection technology in many handle shapes and with attractive finishes
  • Lockable version complies with RAL200: suitable for burglary-resistant windows (RC1 to RC6) as per DIN EN 1627
  • Simple retrofits of entire product families

SecuForte®, the new burglary-resistant standard set by HOPPE, is now available in three different handle shapes and many attractive colours – for instance including black and bronze trend finishes. Lockable window handle versions featuring SecuForte® meet RAL200 specifications and are suitable for burglary-resistant windows (RC1 to RC6). Retrofitting can be carried out easily also by endusers. As the handle shapes are each part of an entire product family, it is possible to fit all doors and windows in a building with the same handle shapes.

Attractive series, attractive colours

HOPPE offers three series with SecuForte®: Hamburg, Toulon and Austin. The Hamburg series has been designed from scratch for the introduction of the innovative technology: it captivates with its refined lines and the harmonious interplay between angular and round design elements. The Toulon and Austin series feature more salient and angular shapes: Toulon has the handle grips so characteristic for HOPPE, while Austin models are of a consistently linear design. Many expressive colours – including cool stainless-steel shades, elegant black and a refined, satin-finished, bronze-like surface that, depending on the incidence of light, changes between luminous and matt – make the three series timeless companions to modern living.

Effective break-in protection principle, standard-compliant designs

Non-locking window handles with SecuForte® already provide unique break-in protection. The lockable versions comply with RAL200 and are suitable for burglary-resistant windows (RC1 to RC6) as per DIN EN 1627. When burglars are faced with SecuForte®, they have almost no opportunities for manipulation: since the handle and square spindle are not connected to each other, manipulation from the outside is virtually impossible. Upon attempting to turn the handle from the outside it may come loose from the rosette if significant force is applied. However, it is still not possible to open the window and the attempt to gain forced entry fails. In this way, SecuForte® protects not only against manipulating the window fitting from outside, but also against more recently emerged break-in methods like piercing the glass or drilling the frame in order to be able to turn the window handle from the outside.

New protection principle = new actuation of window handle

SecuForte® handles are operated differently than usual, yet are very simple to use: to open the window, the handle is first pushed in the direction of the rosette. This releases the handle lock and the handle can be turned as usual. When closing or tilting the window, the handle is locked again and can only be operated by pushing it again. Straightforward retrofitting All window handles with SecuForte® feature HOPPE’s very own development, the patented VarioFit® technology, as standard, consisting of an adjustable square spindle for installation depths in the window profile of up to 10 mm. Consequently, it is easy to retrofit as it can be fixed to the majority of conventional windows without having to previously determine and order a certain spindle length. Distributors and retailers can replace a whole range of window handles with determined spindle lengths by a window handle featuring VarioFit®, thus reducing storage and handling costs considerably.

Available with entire product families

The three HOPPE series that also include SecuForte® window handles are available as entire product families. Consequently, it is possible to use the same handle shape throughout a building, from the entrance door to interior doors and windows as well as patio doors. A handle with a nearly flush design for modern lift/slide door assemblies now complements the Austin series featuring clear-cut, contemporary design, particularly showing off large-scale glazing. The flat design enables the window sashes to be moved without colliding. Any knocking against other handles or window frames is avoided, enabling the individual sashes to be pushed together much more compactly. Just like window handles with SecuForte® their flat shape protects from forced entry attempts by piercing the glass or drilling into the frame.

The HOPPE Group is the European market leader in the development, manufacturing, and sales and marketing of architectural hardware systems for doors and windows. Founded in 1952, the family-run company based in Switzerland has around 2,800 employees worldwide. It is managed by Wolf Hoppe and Christoph Hoppe in the second generation, Christian Hoppe being the first representative of the third generation to be active since 2012.

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