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Pressmeddelande 01/2021

Prevent infection with antibacterial SecuSan® surface

Image 1: Interior door set, Stockholm series, with SecuSan®
Image 1: Interior door set, Stockholm series, with SecuSan®
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  • SecuSan® is an antibacterial and antimicrobial surface that suppresses the growth of germs on door fittings and window handles.
  • SecuSan® uses silver ions and has an immediate effect on bacteria and fungus. This reduces the risk of infection via handles that are used by many different people.
  • SecuSan® is a tried, tested and certified solution for promoting general hygiene in private and public buildings.

The issue of hygiene is currently more topical than ever. With SecuSan® door and window handles, HOPPE has been offering a tried and tested solution for years, providing active protection in the very places where it is urgently required: SecuSan® handles help to maintain high standards of hygiene – whether in clinics, educational institutions or private households. SecuSan® is a special surface that immediately suppresses bacterial and microbial growth on a lasting basis. It is entirely maintenance-free and designed for long-term usage. Its high level of efficacy has been confirmed in independent laboratory and practical tests.

The SecuSan® surface – How it works

SecuSan® surfaces contain silver ions that are embedded in a carrier system of ceramic glass. These ions form an active part of the material and prevent the growth of microbes such as bacteria, algae and fungus. The silver ions destroy the cell membranes of germs, thus blocking cell respiration and nutrition, and thereby preventing cell division. Independent tests have proved that SecuSan® reduces germ growth by more than 99%. Even with additional regular cleaning and disinfection, the SecuSan® finish retains its effectiveness.

Effectiveness of  SecuSan®

The antimicrobial effectiveness of SecuSan® is produced by using silver ions. These have proven their strength against bacterial and microbial pathogens in many areas – for example in wound dressings or invasive medical devices, as well as in clothing. However, the micro-silver particles used in SecuSan® are not effective against virus pathogens.

Successful results in laboratory tests in accordance with JIS Z 2801 and ISO 22196

SecuSan® has been tested and certified on the basis of the JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) Z 2801:2000 and ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 22196:2011 standards. The tests confirmed a significant bactericidal effect with all test bacteria (reference strains of Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli K 12). A high degree of hygienic safety is thus ensured by SecuSan® door and window handles.

Compelling clinical field test

SecuSan® achieved an impressive result, not just during laboratory testing but also in daily clinical practice. A direct comparison was made between wipe disinfection of conventional door handles and no disinfection of SecuSan® door handles. The SecuSan® surface’s high level of effectiveness was certified, in particular with regard to its effect over time. The mean bacterial load was recorded in two wards of identical construction and containing comparable patients at the University Clinic in Marburg and subjected to analysis in the course of a two-week clinical field trial. The test showed that SecuSan® achieved an impressive result, not just during laboratory testing but also in daily clinical practice.

Diverse product range

Selected series with different handle designs are available with the antibacterial and antimicrobial surface. They satisfy the requirements of DIN EN 1906 (categories of use 3 and 4), as well as RAL-GZ 607/9 and are especially characterised by their long service life when fitted in public and commercial buildings. All handle sets for commercial applications are also available as panic- and fire-resistant versions (and as security handle sets with backplate-rose/escutcheon combination). Entire buildings can be quickly and easily refitted to guarantee this new hygiene standard.

The HOPPE Group is the European market leader in the development, manufacturing, and sales and marketing of architectural hardware systems for doors and windows. Founded in 1952, the family-run company based in Switzerland has around 2,800 employees worldwide. It is managed by Wolf Hoppe and Christoph Hoppe in the second generation, Christian Hoppe being the first representative of the third generation to be active since 2012.

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