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HOPPE Innovations Window Handles

HOPPE Innovations Window Handles

Increased protection and enhanced comfort – HOPPE innovations

Our hardware does much more than just open and close windows and doors. HOPPE develops in-plant solutions for increased protection and enhanced comfort based around the Handle of excellence. Find out more about our numerous innovations on the next few pages and you’ll find the right hardware for your requirements.

HOPPE innovations in brief:

Windows / Lift and slide doors

eHandle ConnectSense for Windows

The eHandle ConnectSense detects break-in attempts on the window and reports them to the smart home control centre. Both the position of the handle (closed, tilted, open) and the position of the window itself (closed, open) are detected and reported.

eHandle SecuSignal® for Windows

An eHandle SecuSignal® for windows can be used as convenience components in a smart home system. As such, it transmits a wireless signal to a central control unit when they are turned.

eHandle AutoLock for Windows

The eHandle AutoLock for windows locks automatically as soon as it is turned to the closed position. The requirements for unlocking are configured in a smart home control unit.

eHandle ConnectHome
for Windows

The eHandle ConnectHome for windows sends a wireless signal as soon as it is moved, without the need for batteries. This signal supplies the smart home system with information to improve the programmed processes in the home, such as for heating and air conditioning control, sun protection and lighting.


With SecuForte®, HOPPE offers a completely new standard in burglary resistance. When the window is closed or tilted, the handle is automatically locked. This happens, because the handle and the square spindle are not connected – it is a unique concept that protects against the unauthorised opening of a window from outside.


Window handles with SecuSelect® are certified according to RAL200 and therefore comply with the highest normalised requirements for burglar resistant window handles.

Secu100® and Secu200®

Lockable window handles with Secu100® or Secu200® technology offer excellent mechanical protection against break-ins. Secu100® makes it difficult to violently turn or pull the locked window handle up to an applied force of 100 Nm, while Secu200® handles can even withstand a force of 200 Nm.

Secu100® + Secustik®

The Secu100® + Secustik® window handle combines the technology of Secu100® and Secustik®: This not only creates a high standard of mechanical safety when locked, but also a permanent basic security when not locked.


The SecuDuplex® window handle connects the push-to-open technology with a locking cylinder.


HOPPE’s SecuTBT® function is a further development of the conventional TBT technology (Tilt Before Turn). It ensures ease and greater security for windows.


Secustik® window handles contain a jamming-device which provides integrated security. This makes it more difficult to move the window fitting unlawfully from outside.


Window handles with VarioFit® adjust their spindle length to correspond to the depth of the window profile with which they are being used.

HOPPE Kompakt window handle

A HOPPE Kompakt window handle is characterised by a greatly reduced, “compact” design.