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New Bergamo series – elegance in brass

New Bergamo series – elegance in brass

Brass is a popular material for door fittings and window handles – and our new Bergamo series makes use of it. But why is brass still so popular today alongside aluminium, stainless steel and nylon?

Manufacturing processes past and present

The use of brass as a material for door fittings has a long tradition. This alloy of copper and zinc was used particularly frequently in the 19th century. The economic upturn during the Risorgimento era in Italy – similar to the years of rapid industrial expansion in Germany – led to an increase in residential construction and a high demand for fittings. This era was characterised by spacious interiors, decorative facades and many ornamental elements added to everyday objects – including door handles and window handles. Large, often tapered handles and backplates were a particular trend at the time and were decorated extensively – the more ornament they featured, the more valuable they were considered to be. The gold-coloured material was also used in many different ways for handicrafts, as a similar effect could be achieved in a more affordable way than with real gold.

The decorative shapes could be achieved particularly effectively with the established sand casting process. Brass was liquefied by heat and poured into a sand mould that broke in the process and could therefore only be used once, but offered many possibilities for shaping.

Today, brass is forged, whereby it is heated until malleable and then pressed into a mould under high pressure. Experts call this the drop forging process.

Bergamo series, brushed chrome – Resista®  (F41-R)
Bergamo series, brushed chrome – Resista® (F41-R)

Pleasant to the touch

The Bergamo series also uses brass and, with its conically shaped handle neck, which tapers into a flat, clearly accentuated handle, is definitely reminiscent of the design idiom of the time – albeit leaning more towards the completely unembellished Bauhaus style. Just like in the past, the material of brass lends the handle a pleasant feel.

Wide range of trendy finishes

A number of different fashionable finishes make the Bergamo series the perfect partner for different living concepts. Dark handle finishes such as anthracite and black create striking effects in the room and can, for example, lend even more elegance to a tone-in-tone interior style. Copper and brass-coloured handles make a room look cosy and suit luxuriously designed rooms as well as Scandinavian-inspired designs. The elegant matt chrome-plated finishes reinterpret the classic colour scheme of door and window handles. The satin and chrome-plated finishes of the Bergamo brass series are equipped with Resista® and thus come with a 10-year guarantee on the finish. The high-quality appearance is therefore long-lasting, even with intensive use or in harsh climatic conditions.

Bergamo series, brushed chrome – Resista®  (F41-R)
Bergamo series, brushed chrome – Resista® (F41-R)

Easy installation and proven technology for burglary protection

Equipped with the HOPPE Quick-Fit connection, the interior door sets can be installed quickly and easily. No previous DIY skills are required – the handles are simply joined together. A specially developed clamping mechanism ensures that the handles sit securely on the door, free of play.

Installing the window handles is also extremely easy and can be done in just a few minutes, even for a layperson. As the window handles suit standardised holes, existing drill holes in the window profile can be used. With VarioFit®, the window handles from the Bergamo series feature a square spindle that continuously adapts to the depth of the window profile: It compensates for differences in spindle length of up to 10 millimetres. The Bergamo window handles therefore fit all standard window profiles. Simply attach, screw in place – and it’s done!

And for those who value burglary protection, Bergamo window handles feature Secustik® technology, which provides basic security against burglary.

Bergamo series, satin black – Resista® (F96-1-R)

This is achieved with an integrated locking mechanism that makes it difficult to move the fitting from the outside – a burglar cannot turn the square spindle through a hole he drilles from the outside. This extra protection is even audible: Turning the handle creates a slight click when the locking mechanism fits into place.

The Bergamo series is available as a product family and includes interior door sets, window handles and handles for sliding doors. Thanks to the extensive range of products, a uniform design can be achieved throughout the entire house.